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The Bangkok Pigeon Scam

01/31/2014 The plane landed at the International Airport at around 0440 in the morning and the Thailand trip was near perfect — temple ruins, street foods, ping pong show (for my friends), street markets, and more food.  But something tainted … Continue reading

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Working from Home

February 01, 2014 0114hours …. So I received an email a few weeks back and since there were at least four emails linked to my Iphone, I did not notice the said email.  It was an online writing job application … Continue reading

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A Cebu Economy Flight

SINULOG CEBU FLIGHT 2014 January 11, 2014.  Around 6PM, we received an SMS from Cebu Pacific that the flight has been cancelled due to aircraft malfunction (or issues).  An SMS? Seriously?  12 hours before the flight and you send an … Continue reading

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Your REDx

WARNING:  THIS BLOG MAY CONTAIN STRESSFUL INFORMATION FOR SOME.  PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE UNABLE TO HANDLE STRESS AT THIS TIME. REDx was initially formed as a 2013 year end party “title”, it then evolved as … Continue reading

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