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10.11.2017 While counseling a new CBS reactive client, these came out.  It’s a sign, a promise.  I have a feeling you’re going to be fine. He said, “I will be. I have to be. I need to be. #fortilocandia

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Turn Time Back

10.10.2017 Ever thought of turning back time? Maybe lingered in that one long unending moment of pain? Or lived in the past where things were a lot better? Instead of making the most of the time you have.

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An overnight at Gigantes

07.09.2017 We got to the first island (Balagon Island) at around 1130am yesterday. Boom! A girl friend got stung by a big jelly fish. We were frightened that we had to bring her over to the nearest island where an … Continue reading

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A Hell of a Day

09.07.2017 Septembet 6. 10am. Went to Antipolo to see a client, diagnosed 2015 but he never sought treatment.  We talked, talked, had lunch, and talked some more. 4pm. Went back to Quezon City,  further north of the city, to see … Continue reading

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