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11.26.2015 October numbers are out. 651 new cases. 40% from the National Capital Region with Region 4A coming in 2nd (17%).  60 AIDS cases. There were 308 new ARV entrants but this may include old patients who recently qualified for … Continue reading

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Living, Not Fighting

November 23, 2015 Living In It’s like living in with someone, get to know the person, get to know his likes and dislikes. Tolerate some things, try to mellow down some things you may not like about the person. Not … Continue reading

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Mall Time

  11.17.2015 Plans for the Day So the plan today was that I’m supposed to meet @itsmechris about a patient who needs Cefepime.  He texted me saying he went to Divisoria and that he will meet me later tonight instead. … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of…

11.14.2015 November 13, 2015 Woke up at around 1230PM to find out that the 2PM schedule had to be moved to 4PM.  I informed the client. I left the house at 230PM. Traffic was so bad I reached Shaw Boulevard … Continue reading

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What Not To Tell A Newly Diagnosed

11.04.2015 I have in so many pages in so many instances seen people giving advice to a newly diagnosed. Pieces of advice that are centered on the “advice-giver” rather than the receiver. Advice that’s most likely coming from “if it … Continue reading

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A Thought After Episode 5

11.03.2015 I just finished Grey’s Anatomy S12E5  where Meredith once again came face to face with the doctor supposedly responsible for her husband, Mc Dreamy’s death. It was an emotional episode, like any other episodes.  This one hit me though. … Continue reading

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