Baby Steps to Helping Others


nothing grand.

it doesn’t have to be a thousand people.

no one’s counting.

talk to someone.


share a warm smile.

give a tight hug.

or simply listen.

spare some money

or spare some time,

reach out

and listen.

it doesn’t have to involve the Senate,

spread optimism

without patronizing…

be sincere

but be tactful.


and open options.

baby steps,

ain’t have to be a big leap.

just baby steps.

it will go a long way.

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where people don’t want to or cannot go to a clinic for HIV test….

where perceived stigma is overwhelming and people don’t want to go to a laboratory

where HIV can be discussed in a private setting

where HIV screening can be done in 20mins or less

where link to treatment is a priority when needed

where screenings can be done in a car, your place or mine, Starbucks, a park, bar, restaurant- anywhere you prefer


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missing him


i dreamt of you

it was so real

when i woke up

i thought you were here

but no.

it’s been 20 years

i miss you, pa.

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updated philippine treatment hub list 2018


here’s an update as of 02.21.2018

DOH 2018-0031 Memo with treatment hubs 1





you may download here updated list of HIV treatment hubs

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counseling non-reactives


knowledge of human behavior helps us make informed decisions. – the good doctor

on the issue around cutting down efforts around counseling for non reactive clients so to save time….

without probing during counseling, we cannot understand the whys of human behavior.

without understanding the whys, we cannot give options

without options, we cannnot promote behavioral change

without behavioral change….


the cycle will just go on and on.

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when Volunteers are down


thing is…we have to be strong in front of others.

and we cry alone at night.

we do not have the luxury to join others in their fears.

we have to be their fortresses.

their strengths.

but who is ours?

when we are down…

who comes running to us?

we have to be there for one another.

no one really cares for the carers….

the other carers themselves.

be strong.

but never be numb.

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a dream.


a positive people support group.

not based on social class

or region.

does not mind negatives in it.

not based on one’s treatment hub.

no organizational territory.

no age or gender discrimination.

with sense.of ownership.




shared responsibility.

no internalized stigma.

and don’t forget

this is my dream.

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2018 with Toby



A few minutes ago, I heard you left.

they said you never woke up.

as of now, no one knows how long have you been lying there, lifeless, when the help finally saw you.

I am sure you don’t want anyone sad with your leaving us.

So the 2018 starts in a few minutes–

with your memories.

your tight hugs.

your sharon cuneta loyalty.

your sincere touch.

your unconditional acceptance of my HIV status.

we all will miss you.

Happy new year, Toby.  

Am sure this is your happiest ever.

We love you.

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Who Can We Trust ?


Watching Suits on Netflix was like seeing justifications to a wrong doing over and over again. The truth kept resurfacing stabbing everyone from the back, and somehow, they get away with it.

It’s fiction. Every episode has a load of quotes, fun and advice. Fear.

I am not writing this to say what’s wrong is wrong.  What I have so far picked up is that people in the series have trusted one another and no matter the circumstance,  they stuck together.

I heard song playing in one episode, “Who do we trust from here?”

It brought back tons of memories. People I trusted, some who may have disappointed me, and some, I may have disappointed.  And I always anchor my faith in people to how much I trust them.

Who do we trust? 

When we’re at our lowest, or at our peak, who do we trust?

When the odds are against us, what we did, or what may happen, who do we trust?

When stigma and judgment is in every room we step in, who do we trust?

When trust is betrayed, do we trust….again?

Trust is hard to quantify.

I think trust has a lot to do with guts. 

but whoever we trust, we chose to trust.  If we stumble, we stand back up and look back, why we trusted in the first place. 

Then, we may trust again.

It’s a choice. We may have been pained, hurt, wounded, but trust is something we can recycle.  To some, trust is earned. For some, it comes with love. 

Whatever the case is, we trust and we can build, and rebuild trust. 

If we choose to.

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Yesterday, the September HIV/AIDS Registry was released by our partners at the Epidemiology Bureau, you may see the file here: EB_HIV_September_AIDSreg2017

Some bullet points:

  • 936 New cases; 130 of which were classified as AIDS cases
  • 489 of the 936 new cases came from the 24-35 y.o. range
  • 18 cases were 50 y.o and above
  • 40 new cases among adolescents (aged 10-19) were reported
  • 5 cases of pregnant women with HIV were reported
  • 40 deaths were reported
  • NCR had 37% of the cases with Region 4A coming in second having reported 16% of the cases
  • 246 of the 936 cases reported bisexual intercourse
  • 23 PWID cases were reported from the 936 new cases



For more information and HIV screening, you may please contact: HASCOMMUNITYOPERATIONS@GMAIL.COM  ||| |||

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