Grey’s Anatomy S13E17

The last conversation between Dr. Pierce and her mom, seconds before her mom died.

“…Orgasms… they are a gift, it’s your right! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”

“…never make yourself small for anyone, be your own person”

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Grey’s S13E1

“…..with a little coffee and a little sunlight your troubles will get smaller and the world will keep standing” 

“…past is past, what’s done is.done. But the future is ours to choose”

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A touching video from our friends at the RED WHISTLE


“…Celebrities’ script reading ends with unexpected twist.

In its latest campaign, “Together,” The Red Whistle gathered HIV awareness advocates like Regine Velasquez, Daiana Menezes, Jc Santos, Aiza Seguerra in a short video, to read a script, that ended in an unexpected twist. ”
#TogetherPH #Reach1Test1Save1

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broken Labor Day (May 1st)


May 1.

Labor day. 

Mall day .

A pair of Reebok shoes.


Night lamp

Ginger snaps.

Toiletry and gadget organizers.

Shoe bag. 

Air purifier.


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We all make choices 

Some choices may have been forced on us but still we make choices 

We may have a thousand different options but we always end up with our own choice.

Life is a big choice .

Choose to fight. 

Choose to give up.

Choose to live. Or die.  

At the end of the day, we choose.

And it’s our choice.

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Packing my bag for an 8 day trip. Clothes. Test kits. Condoms. Lubes. Flyers. Posters. 

It’s like when I left last year for an asian HIV community study tour for 9 days.

Or when I went off the Durban fornthe AIDS Conference for 8 days.

One of the must-take-trips that I would rather not take.

Because I will miss someone.

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+he Sun


Soaked in blood.

Red as blood.

People in awe.

I wonder.

If it were an HIV positive blood enveloping the sun…

Would men dare stare?

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Random Thoughts.


No rules.

No limitations.

No expectations.

No bounderies.

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My Good Friday

Good Friday is both a religious occasion and a public holiday in the Philippines, where most people follow the Christian faith. It occurs two days before Easter.

So, I am not Catholic but being a public holiday, I woke up at around 1PM.

Gym is closed until Easter so yeah, I had a pretty good excuse of not going there.

I literally spent the next 12 – 14 hours watching a series of movies, some titles I cannot even remember. Here are some of the movies I saw:

  • Paycheck – Ben Affleck gets paid doing things and well, his memories are erase after each job.  I thought it would be nice to just erase some parts of my brain, hook me up in some computer and delete parts of it, right? Then again, I don’t need one since as it is, I already have difficulties remembering faces, names and events from more than a year ago. Oh well.
  • Client List – I loved this so much.  Jennifer Love ended up working in a spa as a masseuse where prostitution was a part.  A raid happened and her hubby found out her work.  To avoid 2 yrs of minimum jail time, she had a list of high profile clients in exchange.  I was expecting there were going to be conflicts around the list.  It was interesting that the story focused on her personal struggles after the raid.
  • Up in the Air = Clooney hops from one state to another as a “terminator”, a job terminator. His task is tell people they no longer have a job.   His character was a motivational speaker also who talked a lot about a backpack, how heavy a backpack can be, and how an empty backpack is a lot easier to carry around.  As it turned out, Clooney ended up wanting something in his backpack, but that something was already in someone else’s bag.
  • Quarantine 2 – This one I won’t even bother writing more than 10 words about. Oops, I just did.
  • Missing –  father and daughter Tommy Lee Jones and Blanchett went out looking for one of Blanchett’s daughters who was kidnapped.   Story revolved around the father and daughter relationship– and how the father gave his life for the daughter– who he left at an early age. Nice ensemble.
  • The Net – Bullock plays a computer genius (I think) and got herself involved in some scam.  As she had possession of a disc to prove the said scam, the “enemies” changed her (online) records from Bennett to a certain Marx.
  • Rachel Getting Married – Hathaway struggles to fit in as she went back home for her sister’s wedding.  On her 9th month of being clean (from drugs), she had issues around her relationship with her divorced parents and her sister.  A nice movie i must say, although there were some dragging parts.

So there’  My good old good friday.  No church. No prayers. No fasting.

A lot of movies.



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Here is the file from our friends over at the Epidemiology Bureau:


Some highlights were

  • 849 new cases for February, 2017  (DISCLAIMER:  this refers to those whose confirmatory came out on February)
  • 265 / 849 reported bisexual contact
  • 94 / 849 were AIDS cases
  • 803/ 849 were male
  • 422 / 849 (almost half) were from the 25-34 y/o population
  • 37% from the National Capital Region, 15% from Region 4A
  • 2 pregnant women diagnosed
  • 95 reported deaths
  • 600 new ART patients
  • Of all cases on ART, 4% noted on 2nd line regimen
  • Sixty-three OFWs were reported in February 2017, comprising 7% of the total newly diagnosed cases

If you’re on twitter, here are some counselors:

@dvocateHIV @edbusim @tomasito153 @fauxpositif @sutilako @tgp_moshimoyaho @Nak_ng_Tokwa @angelosmith123 @marcy_oculto @micocrisostomo




For questions, kindly email

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