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Losing Grip

07.12.2016 Have you ever played tug-o-war?  You pull so hard but when the other end is just stronger, you let go and in the process– you fell down to your knees. Have you ever tried to hold water in the palm … Continue reading

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My Rights as a Person Living with HIV

09.20.2015 I was thinking of how to write about my rights as a person living with HIV, and I stumbled on this article online. Then I realized, I HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS YOU DO. And in the same manner, I don’t … Continue reading

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So, I am wondering if the Philippine National HIV Testing Week last May came out with these data: CLICK HERE FOR THE MAY 2015 DATA Some Highlights! Total reported cases was 748 for the month of May, 2015.  It’s almost equal to … Continue reading

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