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Is age a factor in Accessing HIV screening?

06.11.2017 I just got home from a late-night HIV screening, we had two activities last night. 1 for a clan of young men in their early twenties and the other one, in a blue bar where most men are in … Continue reading

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Missing In Action: The Research

07.02.2017 It’s out, thanks to the twitter and FB pozzies who shared their stories 😘😘😘 As for me my greatest take away from this project was that I was able to hear and listen to the stories of different people … Continue reading

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Community-based HIV screening (CBS)

07.01.2017 This is the first time that I am writing about community-based HIV screening. December 2014 UNAIDS had its first support for the orientation on community-based HIV testing where speakers from China and Cambodia came over to talk about their … Continue reading

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