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I received a formal SMS about the RITM – ARG HOTLINES  details from Tita Beth.  These past week, we have been getting tweets and no official word from anyone.  I shall however consider this SMS official considering the sender is Tita Beth:

ADMIN CONCERNS – 0919 571 3064

You may call Admin for issues related to Administrations.  I would assume if a patient has concerns as well specific to the records, in-patient issues and the likes.  This is the same number for Self-Empowerment Training (SET) Schedules, although SET schedules are not always available.

CD4 SCHEDULES – 0917 302 9661

When you call this number for your CD4 schedule / appointment, please be ready for your RITM Patient Code, Nickname on file, your contact number and whether you’re scheduling a 6th-month-CD4 or an anniversary. CD4 appointments is a MUST, unless you’re a new patient walking-in for your first baseline.

ARV REFILL – 0949 709 8730  & 0917 714 6962

This is a new procedure. In a nutshell, you’re supposed to call first if you intend to pick your ARVs up.  This  means you should be able to pick your ARV up 24×7. Yes!  That means even late at night or during weekends, directly from the pharmacy.  I’ll try to get more information around this since I failed to get the answers (to my questions, that is) when I visited the hub last Jan. 06, 2015.   In an SMS exchange with the ARV hotline,  I was told walk-in ARV Refills are still entertained. I just don’t know if this will eventually be phased out.


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