broken Labor Day (May 1st)


May 1.

Labor day. 

Mall day .

A pair of Reebok shoes.


Night lamp

Ginger snaps.

Toiletry and gadget organizers.

Shoe bag. 

Air purifier.


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We all make choices 

Some choices may have been forced on us but still we make choices 

We may have a thousand different options but we always end up with our own choice.

Life is a big choice .

Choose to fight. 

Choose to give up.

Choose to live. Or die.  

At the end of the day, we choose.

And it’s our choice.

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Packing my bag for an 8 day trip. Clothes. Test kits. Condoms. Lubes. Flyers. Posters. 

It’s like when I left last year for an asian HIV community study tour for 9 days.

Or when I went off the Durban fornthe AIDS Conference for 8 days.

One of the must-take-trips that I would rather not take.

Because I will miss someone.

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+he Sun


Soaked in blood.

Red as blood.

People in awe.

I wonder.

If it were an HIV positive blood enveloping the sun…

Would men dare stare?

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Random Thoughts.


No rules.

No limitations.

No expectations.

No bounderies.

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My Good Friday

Good Friday is both a religious occasion and a public holiday in the Philippines, where most people follow the Christian faith. It occurs two days before Easter.

So, I am not Catholic but being a public holiday, I woke up at around 1PM.

Gym is closed until Easter so yeah, I had a pretty good excuse of not going there.

I literally spent the next 12 – 14 hours watching a series of movies, some titles I cannot even remember. Here are some of the movies I saw:

  • Paycheck – Ben Affleck gets paid doing things and well, his memories are erase after each job.  I thought it would be nice to just erase some parts of my brain, hook me up in some computer and delete parts of it, right? Then again, I don’t need one since as it is, I already have difficulties remembering faces, names and events from more than a year ago. Oh well.
  • Client List – I loved this so much.  Jennifer Love ended up working in a spa as a masseuse where prostitution was a part.  A raid happened and her hubby found out her work.  To avoid 2 yrs of minimum jail time, she had a list of high profile clients in exchange.  I was expecting there were going to be conflicts around the list.  It was interesting that the story focused on her personal struggles after the raid.
  • Up in the Air = Clooney hops from one state to another as a “terminator”, a job terminator. His task is tell people they no longer have a job.   His character was a motivational speaker also who talked a lot about a backpack, how heavy a backpack can be, and how an empty backpack is a lot easier to carry around.  As it turned out, Clooney ended up wanting something in his backpack, but that something was already in someone else’s bag.
  • Quarantine 2 – This one I won’t even bother writing more than 10 words about. Oops, I just did.
  • Missing –  father and daughter Tommy Lee Jones and Blanchett went out looking for one of Blanchett’s daughters who was kidnapped.   Story revolved around the father and daughter relationship– and how the father gave his life for the daughter– who he left at an early age. Nice ensemble.
  • The Net – Bullock plays a computer genius (I think) and got herself involved in some scam.  As she had possession of a disc to prove the said scam, the “enemies” changed her (online) records from Bennett to a certain Marx.
  • Rachel Getting Married – Hathaway struggles to fit in as she went back home for her sister’s wedding.  On her 9th month of being clean (from drugs), she had issues around her relationship with her divorced parents and her sister.  A nice movie i must say, although there were some dragging parts.

So there’  My good old good friday.  No church. No prayers. No fasting.

A lot of movies.



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Here is the file from our friends over at the Epidemiology Bureau:


Some highlights were

  • 849 new cases for February, 2017  (DISCLAIMER:  this refers to those whose confirmatory came out on February)
  • 265 / 849 reported bisexual contact
  • 94 / 849 were AIDS cases
  • 803/ 849 were male
  • 422 / 849 (almost half) were from the 25-34 y/o population
  • 37% from the National Capital Region, 15% from Region 4A
  • 2 pregnant women diagnosed
  • 95 reported deaths
  • 600 new ART patients
  • Of all cases on ART, 4% noted on 2nd line regimen
  • Sixty-three OFWs were reported in February 2017, comprising 7% of the total newly diagnosed cases

If you’re on twitter, here are some counselors:

@dvocateHIV @edbusim @tomasito153 @fauxpositif @sutilako @tgp_moshimoyaho @Nak_ng_Tokwa @angelosmith123 @marcy_oculto @micocrisostomo




For questions, kindly email

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I Want To.


I want to write.

I have been wanting to write about things, maybe my trip to Baguio up north

Or my day in the Congress hearing for the AIDS law Amendment, or maybe my day with some close friends in Tagaytay.

Write about advocacy and activism and how they are different, and tell people that helping others is not necessarily an advocacy in essence.

I want to write about counseling people or maybe the very basics of helping people.

I want to write about my meeting with Eunice forward save the children or with the Department of Health or with the different City Health offices.

I want to write about that wonderful experience of having met many young legislators during in the fellowship night of the Robredo Foundation gathering.

I want to write about my relationship with my mom or maybe my brothers or maybe my cousins or maybe my friends.

I want to write about friends that I haven’t seen for so long and I am not even sure if I would ever see them again, or at least see them the way I used to see them

I want to write but my want to write is not my priority.

There are needs that I have to do so for now, this is what I need to write.

I just need to write the things that I want to write.

Maybe I’m just bored.

It’s almost two in the morning.


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+he prodigal son(?)


It wasn’t so long ago when you used to earn monthly six figures and money was not an issue. You are able to buy anything you want. You are able to give your mom anything she asked. Or wanted.

It wasn’t so long ago.

Until you decided to give it all up for an advocacy that you thought needed you. An advocacy that can never give you the life you got accustomed to.  Since then, your partner had been shouldering more than half of all the expenses — house rental, groceries, incidentals, car mortgage — and you would only pay for the utilities at home.

It wasn’t long ago when you would easily give your mom any financial needs she had, especially if she had medical issues. Laboratories. Medicine.

Today is her birthday. And unlike the not so long ago birthdays, she hasn’t been feeling well for days now. She needed meds and you had nothing to spare.  Good thing your brother from New York sent in some money today for her birthday.

And you feel bad. And your mom feels bad.  Your mom sent you a message yesterday saying you didn’t care about her.

Are you a bad son? You put strangers ahead of your own mom’s needs.

When a stranger needs laboratories and medicines, you would scramble to find means to help them.  When your mom needs something, you would stand in some corner in utter silence unable to do anything.

Are you a bad person?

Who would dare judge you? Knowing you have given so much for an advocacy without anything in return… and here you are, unable to comfort your own mother.

Are you a bad child?

You grew up in a household where you are able to eat and buy anything you wanted.  You knew about your parents’ financial struggles when you were in high school and in your pre-med– that is why you opted to tell them that you won’t go into internship anymore and that you will just go to work in some paging company.  But they didn’t know you in fact finished you pre-med.  And they didn’t know you went through business school. They didn’t know you finished your masters. The didn’t know much about you.

And just like before, you mom doesn’t know anything about you now.

Are you a criminal?  In the process of wanting to help strangers in a highly stigmatized and marginalized community,  have you actually sentenced your mom to death?

I don’t quite know how to end this blog.

I really don’t.







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*Data courtesy of the Epidemiology Bureau of the Department of Health

In January, 2017, highlights were as follows:

844 new cases, an average of 27 per day

  • 36% came from the National Capital Region
  • 18% came from Region 4A
  • 427/844 were 25-39 y.o. population
  • 19 cases were 50 years old and above
  • 90/844 were AIDS cases, more than 10%

806/844 were male

  • 789 of 806 were infected from unprotected sexual contact
  • 245/789 reported bisexual contact
  • 15/789 reported injecting drug use
  • 2/789 were infected from mother to child

Among the youth:

  • Two hundred sixty-one (99%) 15-24 y.o. were infected through sexual contact (27 male-female sex, 161 male-male sex, 73 sex with both males & females), and three (3) through needle sharing among IDU.
  • 51 adolescents aged 10-19 years were reported to HARP. All were infected through sexual contact (9 male-female sex, 28 male-male sex, 14 sex with both males & females).

Overseas foreign worker

  • Sixty-five (65) OFWs were reported in January 2017, comprising 8% of the total newly diagnosed cases.
  • 58 male: 7 female

People who Engage in Transactional Sex

  • 27 cases reported to have accepted payment for sex, 265 of whom are male
  • 38 cases reported to have paid for sex, all male
  • 14 cases engaged in both accepting payment and paying for sex, 11 were male

9 pregnant women

  • 7 of 9 cases were 15-24 years old
  • Since 2011, a total of 158 pregnant cases were reported. More than half (54%) were from the age group 15-24 years old

33 reported deaths

  • 30 (91%) were male and 3 (9%) were female
  • Fifteen (45%) of the reported deaths belong to 25-34 year age group, 10 were 15-24 age group and 8 were adult aged 35-49 years old.
  • All were infected through sexual contact (6 male-female sex, 12 male-male sex, 15 sex with both males & females)

For the full report:  EB_HIV_January-AIDSreg2017

(((Also see the list of recent HIV care providers in the link above)))


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