Here’s the December 2016 Philippine HIV registry as released over the weekend:



Some highlights were:

  • 750 new HIV infections noted
  • 36% of the cases came from the National Capital Region, 10% came from Region 3
  • 72/750 cases were known to be AIDS cases according to the report
  • 721/750 cases were male
  • 241/721 cases reported bisexual contact
  • 221/750 cases were from the youth sector (15-24y/o) while 20/750 were 50y/o & above
  • 34 cases were noted to be adolescents (10-19 y/o)
  • 3 pregnant women were found to have HIV
  • 53 cases (9%) were overseas foreign workers
  • 66 cases reported to have been engaged in transactional sex; 61/66 cases were male
  • 23/66 accepted payment for sex, 34 paid for sex while 6 cases reported both having paid and having accepted payment
  • 37 reported deaths in December 2016

So, again, please get tested. If you have questions about screening, you may reach various organizations and volunteers out there. Some are:

If you’re on twitter, here are some counselors:

@dvocateHIV @edbusim @tomasito153 @fauxpositif @sutilako @tgp_moshimoyaho @Nak_ng_Tokwa @angelosmith123 @marcy_oculto @micocrisostomo


For questions, kindly email

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TosHi shares AJ’s S+ory


Toshi is a volunteer peer educator from the Manila Social Hygiene Clinic and has been an active community advocate for HIV prevention and treatment.  He recently sent me this story and with his permission, I would like to share a story he wrote about “AJ“.

The story is about AJ, diagnosed in 2015. It tells us about the struggles and issues of AJ as he transitioned from diagnosis to treatment to accepting his status — or has he really?

I think it’s one (just like Mico’s) of the many inspiring stories that highlights a person’s struggles and how he eventually gave back to the community to which  he belongs.

…..AJ was going to be positive on the outside–positive in his mind, positive in his attitude, in his focus, in his whole outlook. He was going to change to being mentally positive!

AJ had made the decision to be positively positive.

AJ was diagnosed in 2015. CD4 then was 31.

His latest CD4 is at 386. He is healthy. He is positively positive. He serves the community.





For questions, kindly email

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Juan Posi+ive Movement


Juan Posi+ive Movement

A new support group was launched in Angeles City in Pampanga last October, 2016.  They have been around for a few months now and they are an active member of the  Regional AIDS Assistance Team of Region 3.


They offer HIV Counseling and referral for Testing in partnership with the rural health unit (RHU) of Angeles. They have an office located near SM Clark:

Co-founders Simon and Wayne are working hard to get the group off the ground and eventually registered with the Security and Exchange Commission.


I have personally accessed the region’s service delivery network and I have seen it in action.  Through the region’s HIV coordinator Joseph Manlutac,  we are able to refer patients for assistance coming from the region.  He has shared a list of (satellite) treatment centers and If I am not mistaken, Region 3 is one of the regions with the most numbers of treatment satellite clinics.  It’s SDN is also able to provide, based on my experience, financial assistance to its positive clients through the region’s DSWD (coordinator is Mr. Armont Pecina)  and blood assistance through the coordinator, Mr. Daniel Mangahas.

Mr. Manlutac remains to be the point person to coordinate to if there is a need to access the service delivery network of region 3.

HIV Testing in Angeles

For HIV test in Angeles, Juan Posi+ive Movement may be contacted through 0917-3068423.

The Region’s Centers


There are other new clinics that opened that are not yet in the list, some of which are the ones in Malolos (Bulacan Medical Center – Luntiang Kanlungan), Cabanatuan, Guiguinto Bulacan (Gintong Kanlungan). There’s also one in Iba, Zambales.



For questions, kindly email



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(un)Real Advocacy


They say  advocacy is being able to institutionalize certain protocols or policies into the entire system. Hardcore advocates would Define advocacy as something strictly related to policy lobbying. 

How do we really Define real advocacy?

When a positive comes out and tells his stories to the world? 

When someone goes out of his way to help out patients in need of assistance?

When certain groups advocate for policy changes where new policies to help out the positive community and those affected by the virus?

When you post something about HIV hoping that some people read about it and start talking about it?

When you’re able to convince a friend to take the test?

When you at the end of the world aids day celebration?

It doesn’t matter how other people would Define what you are doing, what matters is you’re able to reach one person out there, save one life and in the process you know to yourself that you were able to do something, or anything,  about the issue.

You know to yourself that you did something and that you did not choose to sit in silence

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My Twitter Feed


My @DVOCATEHIV twitter feed was like:












At the back of my mind, I was kinda like hoping  that  the alter accounts  will pick up on the HIV information and would start talking about HIV more.

Pls get tested for hiv 🙂

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The S+ory of Mickey


I asked you earlier, “What were your struggles (the past year)?”

Depression .

Issues sa work kasi kumalat ung status ko. (Issues at work when people talked about my status)

O.I.s. PTB, oral thrush, sa Family hndi maintindihan ng parents ko ung condition ko at wala akong choice kasi ako lang ang bumubuhay sa knila.. Naconfined din ako sa RITM ng one week. (The family didn’t understand my condition and I had no choice since I was the breadwinner.  I was also confined for a week in RITM)

Maraming mga friends ang nandiri at natakot nung nalaman ung status ko pero nung pinasok ko ang adbokasiya ginamit ko un para magbago ang pananaw nila sa hiv. (Many friends found my status repugnant and they were afraid of me, but when I went into the advocacy, I used my status to change their views)

Nung mga panahong pataas na ang kerera ko sa Work… bgla akong nadiagnose wala akong choice kundi igive up at magpahinga dahl mat mga multiple ois ako. (The times when my career was at its peak and I was with a TV station, I had no choice but to quit  so I can rest because of multiple opportunistic infections)

You still find yourself depressed from time to time, especially when people you know die from (alleged) AIDS-related conditions.  You doubt your courage and find yourself looking for answers.  Answers to questions that deep inside, you know the answers to.

Last Tuesday, you got home late in the evening from work and you couldn’t sleep. You went on to travel up north from south of Manila to conduct community-based screening for an activity of the Dangal LGBT network. Afterwards you met me at Starbucks for some coffee and catching up. Then you had to force yourself to attend a meeting– a meeting that you had to attend so you can speak in behalf of the others at work– a meeting that you had to attend because others cannot voice their thoughts out.  Then you went on stage to work, to sing and to make people laugh.

All without your much needed rest.

You were diagnosed in 2015. Your CD4 then was 24. You had shingles. You had O.I.s.

Your latest CD4 is at 324. You are healthy. You make people laugh.  You entertain people.  You serve the HIV community.

Dear Mico,

You have been through hell and you fought your hardest, and today, you bring smile to people at work, you bring laughter to your audience, and you bring hope to others in the HIV community. Doubt no more, you have traveled so far and your journey is far from over.  You will bring inspiration to others.  You have reached out to your peers. You have touched the lives of strangers. You will continue to help others.

You have done well. You will do more good.

I’m a fan.

Love, Daddy Drew


For questions, kindly email

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Highlighting contact details of the Marikina treatment hub



Highlighting contact details:

… you may inquire from Rod Reyes and Queenie Laurel at  tel# 02-9422359


The New Hub 

The new treatment center is located at the 3rd floor, City Health Office of Marikina City ran by Dra. Honey Fernando.   She has assistants and you may inquire from Rod Reyes and Queenie Laurel at  tel# 02-9422359.  The hub started its operations last December, 2014.  They operate daily, Mondays thru Fridays from 8AM – 5PM.

While the hub mainly serves Marikina residents, they are open to referrals from other cities, kindly send an SMS at 0927-8067339, thru HIV & AIDS Support House.

Patients coming from Anglo & RITM Satellite may also be assisted while waiting for the confirmatory. A proper endorsement may be required since they are yet to be formalized as partners of the loveyouself hub.  Patients may direct inquiries to 0927-8067339, thru HIV & AIDS Support…

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Had to edit and reblog for updated information.
Thanks to @JJhumantorch


Updated 01.06.2017

Updated 11.29.2016




I received a formal SMS about the RITM – ARG HOTLINES  details from Tita Beth.  These past week, we have been getting tweets and no official word from anyone.  I shall however consider this SMS official considering the sender is Tita Beth:

ADMIN CONCERNS – 0919 571 3064

You may call Admin for issues related to Administrations.  I would assume if a patient has concerns as well specific to the records, in-patient issues and the likes.  This is the same number for Self-Empowerment Training (SET) Schedules, although SET schedules are not always available.

CD4 SCHEDULES – 0917 302 9661

When you call this number for your CD4 schedule / appointment, please be ready for your RITM Patient Code, Nickname on file, your contact number and…

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Here’s the latest stats on the HIV cases in the Philippines:


Some highlights:

  • 758 new cases for November, 2016
  • 40% of the new cases came from the national capital region, followed by  regions 3 and 7 with 10% each
  • 86 of 758 (more than 10%) were AIDS Cases
  • 727 of 758 were male (by birth)
  • 220/758 came from the age group 15-24, with the 25-34 age group contributing 396 of the 758 new cases
  • 5 pregnant women were newly diagnosed for November
  • There were 21 deaths reported
  • 243 of the 758 cases reported BISEXUAL contacts
  • One (1) mother to child (baby girl)  case was reported for November
  • 36 adolescents were reported as new cases (10-19 years old)
  • 31 / 758 cases reported having accepted payment for sex , while 45 reported to have paid for sex

These in mind, there is still a great need for a more robust outreach program to reach the hard-to-reach population.   Also, there is a growing bisexual-contact reported on a monthly basis so there may be a need for health providers to be more proactive in initiating counseling and testing.

To date, we still do not see a disaggregated report among the transgenders.

So again,  get tested please. There are a lot of testing facilities offering free HIV screening, plus the ongoing community-based HIV screening (CBS) which allows for a wider reach and a confidential non-clinic based HIV screening at the community level.

So, again, please get tested. If you have questions about screening, you may reach various organizations and volunteers out there. Some are:

If you’re on twitter, here are some counselors on twitter:

@dvocateHIV @edbusim @tomasito153 @jake_positive @fauxpositif @sutilako @tgp_moshimoyaho @Nak_ng_Tokwa @angelosmith123 @marcy_oculto Females @iAmTokneneng

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M2’s Journey Continues


Another one goes to the heavens above. Lord, isa isa lang pls, I told the skies above me.

You had and have your family by your side.  RIP M2,  you gave it a good fight. Rest now. 

You needed blood and people were there running from one city to another.
You were weak but every time we saw you, your family had that glimmer of hope and strength.

You didn’t lose the fight, you gave it your all but your Creator decided that you are better off with Him.

Your family may now move on with the best memories of you as you move on leaving behind the better memories of your childhood and growing up years with your family.

You should be an inspiration to those who were left behind fighting because you gave it your all.

Your journey has just started. Take care on your way. 

The family expresses their gratitude to all who helped during their cries for help:

@leon777_2010 And family, @KiksterMD – @Milo06_  – Dr. H. Fernando of Marikina city health – @edbusim – nato roque

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