James’ Plight (& the hope inspired)

So I posted this yesterday:


(Not so) Startling tweets

There were a couple of posts talking about euthanasia. It was hard to swallow when the patient and his siblings are fighting hard to make it through each day.

There was a tweet telling the gay community to straighten up (I paraphrased, of course).


Donations (and prayers) have started to pour in since yesterday so later today, I should be able to meet with the brother so we can purchase some of the meds.  We have also asked for assistance across CSO partners like the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (which has its own HIV program) and Action for Health Initiatives.

I received some messages embarrassed to share “small” donations.  Know that a 10 peso-donation will help.

I reached out to Mommy Elena Felix who will also check with some partners for support.

I actually don’t mind having slept barely three hours responding to inquiries. Not all messages were donations, some were inquiring about the community, about HIV.  It was an opportunity worth grasping– to educate and inform.

The Longest Road

I can see how this path may be the longest and most tiresome journey for the older brother who right now, is turning every stone to get help. This is even more difficult than his personal journey when he was diagnosed himself a few years ago, and his was not an easy road as well.   Hospital bills have gone as high as 700,000 as they were referred by the treatment hub to a private hospital. As we make plans to transfer to a public hospital, the next question is: How about the bills?


The support I saw was, and is overwhelming, like when I posted about the need to assistance for a couple of kids born with HIV  weeks ago.  I saw how people rallied to call for help.  I saw how people called the attention of those who may have not-so-good things to tweet.

I saw a lot. I read a lot. I felt a lot.

I saw the heart in many, and the hope in everyone.



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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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