A Weekend At Galera


The last time I went there was 2015 I think, with some of the REDx kids.  Last weekend, I was finally able to go visit Puerto Galera again with @iam_pansexual @james000014 @AriesBoiii @SuperTrix3 @kuya_daddy  and my partner, Kim.   It was a nice experience. Relaxed and I wasn’t in any way harassed to doing activities I didn’t want to do.  We stayed at Agbing’s where we paid PhP2500/4pax room. Oh, one-way fare would cost you around 600 I believe (from the Bus Station in QC to the island)


The food places were the same.  You would have grilled meat-places (Php130 on the average) w/ fresh fruit shakes (around PhP90-120).  If you want more affordable food, you may go further back of White Beach Hotel where residents would have set up small “eatery” with meat viands at PhP60 and veggies at PhP40.  Seafood was notably pricey like Tilapia and squid normally cost PhP230/piece.   Try not to get conned with the “group meals” of some places like “Queen of Isle” where a meal for 2 would cost PhP400 (half an order of liempo, Pork sinigang, “unli-rice” and 2 glasses of Iced Tea.


I “saw” quite a number of activities around the beach like parasailing and banana boat rides. Henna and permanent tattoo-booths are all over the place.  You have roving masseuses who offer massage and braids.  Two volleyball nets   are galera collage

 available on a first-come-first-“own” basis.   Sunset is never bad at any beach in the country. 


At night, tables and chairs are set up to extend the restaurant parameters towards the beach to accommodate more customers.   The most popular drink in Galera would be the “Mindoro Sling” which is a concoction of rum, 7-up (or Sprite), lemon juice, grenadine and (sometimes) mango nectar.  The cheapest Sling tower we saw was at PhP330.   Different bars have different entertainment shows set up, too near one another that more often

poi gallera

than not, the sounds/music are overlapping.  You have crossdressers and transgenders doing drag shows, some bars would have DJs playing loud(er) music to drown out the bar-next-door.  Some bars have acoustics.  A few bars have fire dancers also.


So why go to Galera? It’s one of the relatively nearest, more popular go-to places we have this side of the country.     It’s said to be a haven for MSMs but this past weekend, I would think it’s more than an MSM get-away.   It’s a cheaper-simulation of Boracay (sorry if i used the word simulation) so you have many bar-options and food places to go to, less the air travel.

And why NOT Galera? If you are so in love with Boracay, then you might not like Galera.   The boat ride is at least an hour and they tend to go overboard with the passengers (we actually were standing the entire boat ride from Galera to Batangas Port).

Oh, yeah. I can’t possibly end this without saying a word or two about the famous bat cave.  This used to be that end of the island where MSMs cruise at night. I wasn’t able to (REALLY) go there this time but my friends were able to do oculars.  There weren’t as many men like in the “olden days” but yeah, cruising exists.  They said the farthest end has barbed wires so you have to be careful at night in the dark if you go walking towards that side.

Lastly, DO NOT BRING A CAR hoping there’s parking inside the Batangas port area. We ended up walking for 30 minutes under the heat of the sun, all soaked in sweat after an hour’s SRO boat ride just to get to the car OUTSIDE of the port.

See you again, Galera.


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