Your 2019 REDx Organizer


Everyone had a hand in making sure that the noise online was sustained. Everyone also had to make direct messages to follow up with some attendee-wanna be who wouldn’t respond after registration.

But there had to be division of tasks to make sure the grounds were covered.

Our resident “modista”,  and was eventually in-charge of the SMS blast. Along with Grey, he also helped with the procurement of the materials needed  for the Mr & Ms REDx / event.

Our social media and technical specialist, He took care of the the analytics for the different hash tags.  Also, he served as on the resident first aid expert on the island

Tito took care of the bus and the island coordination.  He also owned the accounts where funds were transferred, hence, he managed the funds. He also set up the mobile bar and took care of the video for the cadlelight


Our onsite boytoy. Just kiddin’.  He assisted with the onsite coordination, he was also my official pillow during the bus ride. =) .


Our all-around girl,  Grey would be the go to person if this or that (thing or person) will have to be done, followed-up on and spoken to.

@POSSIECAT83 as always is and will always be the best person to handle the games.


OF COURSE, it would only be proper to mention the non-first timers in this organizer’s article, =)

  • @Kaskade08 (2014-2018 Ms REDx)
  • @positivelife888
  • @PenpenSue
  • @CarloAl55724166
  • @fighivter
  • @13Yelchin
  • @HopPeaMelon
  • @OCDriver0608 (Onsite assist)
  • @ryancortez (Onsite assist)
  • @iamnemo2012 (Onsite assist)



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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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