AIDS 2018 – Tuesday, 24 July


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Today, 15,000 AIDS 2018 delegates from 160 countries take to the halls to share their research, experiences and insights from the global response to HIV. Here is a short selection of just a few of the highlights of the day ahead:

08.30 CESTAn opening address from Charlize Theron precedes the official opening plenary for AIDS 2018.

08.45 CEST: Opening plenary presenters include Stefan Baral (US) on “The epidemiology and vulnerability of missing and indigenous populations,” Anna Deryabina (Kazakhstan) and Olena Stryzhak (Ukraine) on “Exploring Innovation around HIV and substance abuse,” Elizabeth Taylor Human Right Award winner Allan Achesa Maleche (Kenya) and Robert Suttle (US) on “Putting HIV science into the criminal justice system,” followed by a special presentation from The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry and Sir Elton John.


11.00 CEST



14.30 CEST

16.30 CEST

Be sure to stop by the Global Village today to check out the exhibitions, take in a performance or attend one of the many sessions, such as “The positive women’s catwalk for power, “#HeForShe town-hall” or “Sing it out! Say it loud! Slam Jam@AIDS 2018”.

AIDS 2018 Live! Facebook series 

  • 12.00 CESTCharlize Theron and Conchita lead an interactive discussion on combating stigma and discrimination with Mercy Ngulube
  • 15.30 CESTMoney matters: HIV funding and policy.
  • 16.15 CEST#DoingTheRightThing: Addressing stigma in healthcare setting for key populations.


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