u=u =struggle


A recent tweet led to a long thread where the tweet said,

I’m in a monogamous serodiscordant relationship. My partner is HIV-, and I am an HIV+ top with undetectable viral load for years already. We do bare sex without fear because we know #UequalsU.

Stop the stigma. Stop the stupidity. Stick with facts.

There were people messaging me.


A recent US Health document was posted in the thread where u=u=93% safe, the same document said that across 3 studies, there was ZERO infection across serodiscordant couples. WTF is not clear?

Contentions were raised by some, saying that viral load may go up when people stop ART, or become non-adherent. In such case, then U=U doesn’t apply

U=U=Unprotected Sex.

This is your discretion. You are responsible for your own health. In the same manner that we choose to use condoms, or not, or we choose to love, or not (#boom)

U=U & fighting stigma

Let us not forget that the campaign is also working from an angle where we are figting stigma.

Stigma from “not” going into ART where people think it’s useless to take ARV

Stigma which makes people think that having sex with PLHIVs puts them at risk, when we didn’t say U=U=no condom. So have you hears about combination prevention? What about TasP?


There was a contention where we should not impose our beliefs on others. I believe this goes both ways. But when an intellectual conversation is also a healthy conversation, let us be open to views, take our stand, and don’t attack the other parties below the belt…. or at a personal level.


Yes. No further elaboration. I will not dignify questions around condom use. If we equate U=U to condom use (and period!), then we lack understanding from an advocacy’s standpoint.


Not my problem to solve.

That’s my 1,999 cents worth. 🤣🤣😂

MINE. And don’t you dare take that away from me as I’m sure you have yours.


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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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