6 babies, 3 oldies, 8 hours- and a lifetime


Sorry can’t post pics of the kids, but I assure, they’re all cute. All kids are. =)

Spent Sunday with Christina and Nato.  We were exhausted, but it was worth it.

200 pm

Baby Ren, born Feb 01, 2018, parents 15 and 21 yo both positive, well the father is yet to get his test results as of today.  Baby Ren has been in the hospital the past week due to dehydration but as of today,  his mom said she doesn’t have watery stool anymore.  She is yet to take the PCR to confirm her HIV status but she’s on Zido drops.

Various donors gave diapers and Nestogen

300 pm

Baby Prince, 5 yo positive boy currently discharged from the hospital due to measles.  He lives with his HIV+ mom, his grandma, and 6 other kids.  His mom was last checked w/ a very low 1-2digit cd4 and she has yet to fully recover her strength.  Biological dad is somewhere… somewhere.

Various donors gave diapers and Lactum 3+

345 pm

Baby Choi, 4 yo positive girl recently discharged also due to measles.  Choi lives some 2-3kms away from Prince.  I wasn’t able to chat with the grandma since the road was so narrow I had to drop the 2 off and u-turn and wait somewhere.   I did see Choi from the car, she has rashes all over. Mom’s dead already.

Various donors gave diapers and Lactum 3+


Baby Liz, born Jan 20, 2018.  Parents, both positive, seem to be very happy with the progress. Mom has been on ARV since November 2017 while dad is yet to start ARV,   Baby Liz is rather underweight/size for her age, but she consumes a 350mg-milk pack in less than 3 weeks.   They are also able to get breastmilk once a week at the chapel.  They are renting a 10 sq. meter room for PhP3,500/month. Liz had her PCR last week but is yet to get the result.  Baby Liz is on ARV drops.

Various donors gave diapers and Bonna

545 pm

Baby Shane, born Jan 22, 2018, the chubbiest in the bunch.  Parents (27 and 20 yo) both on ARV.  They live in a (barely) 8-10 sq. meter room.   Shane is yet to take the PCR since dad is waiting for his next salary so he can bring them to San Lazaro.    Shane lives some 4-5 kms away from Liz.

Various donors gave diapers and Bonna

700 pm

Baby Sean, born March 01, 2018.  Tiny Sean was fast asleep when we got there but both parents (21 and 23yo) are on ARV.   Sean is on Nevi drops but is yet to take the PCR.   They live with grandma and dad’s sister, who I must say is VERY beautiful. Dad’s 2 digit Cd4 had him on Azithro-Cotri prohylaxis but he’s doing fine.

Various donors gave diapers and Bonna

So yeah, thanks to all the donors, most of whom I believe are anonymous and donors who don’t wanna be mentioned.  But we’re grateful for the all the help.



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