Who Can We Trust ?


Watching Suits on Netflix was like seeing justifications to a wrong doing over and over again. The truth kept resurfacing stabbing everyone from the back, and somehow, they get away with it.

It’s fiction. Every episode has a load of quotes, fun and advice. Fear.

I am not writing this to say what’s wrong is wrong.  What I have so far picked up is that people in the series have trusted one another and no matter the circumstance,  they stuck together.

I heard song playing in one episode, “Who do we trust from here?”

It brought back tons of memories. People I trusted, some who may have disappointed me, and some, I may have disappointed.  And I always anchor my faith in people to how much I trust them.

Who do we trust? 

When we’re at our lowest, or at our peak, who do we trust?

When the odds are against us, what we did, or what may happen, who do we trust?

When stigma and judgment is in every room we step in, who do we trust?

When trust is betrayed, do we trust….again?

Trust is hard to quantify.

I think trust has a lot to do with guts. 

but whoever we trust, we chose to trust.  If we stumble, we stand back up and look back, why we trusted in the first place. 

Then, we may trust again.

It’s a choice. We may have been pained, hurt, wounded, but trust is something we can recycle.  To some, trust is earned. For some, it comes with love. 

Whatever the case is, we trust and we can build, and rebuild trust. 

If we choose to.


About +daddy+drEw+

HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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