An overnight at Gigantes


We got to the first island (Balagon Island) at around 1130am yesterday. Boom! A girl friend got stung by a big jelly fish. We were frightened that we had to bring her over to the nearest island where an e.r. is set up, we didn’t had to. She didn’t waste a tear and manned up. She was involuntarily trembling but yeah, she was fine after a few hours.

Lunch was served at MJ’S in the Island of Gigantes where we were checked in. We were served grilled scallops and pork with monggo beans. 

It was a pleasant lunch although the flies around us were bothersome. We ate at a cottage outside the resort. 

Around 2, we went on to 4 other islands.  Tanque island where a seawater lagoon was located in the middle of the island. Unfortunately, the water (tide) was not high enough to reach the lagoon. We went on to Cabugao island where we went up around a 30ft high hand-made stairs by the side of a mountain—to take pictures. After Cabugao, Bantigui sand bar but the tides covered the sand bar. We proceded to antonia beach but there wasnt much to do there, we transferred to Puting baybay (white shores) but the boat stayed around 20-30 meters away from the shore, the group just jumped into the water and tried to enjoy, of course everyone was paranoid about a possible jelly fish invasion.

(Top pic taken at the tanke saltwater lagoon. Bottom pic from Bantigui)

Last island was Puting baybay Where as always, I was able to get a good shot of the sunset. 

We got back to MJ’s before 6. Dinner was served.  Crabs were fresh and meaty. The stir fried squid was a tad overcooked but well seasoned.

We got up around 6am for breakfast. Hotdogs, Scallops adobo and Rice.  Nothing fancy but good enough to start a day off. We headed back out to Tanque island and the lagoon was nice, t’was a bit high tide and the place was filled with water. We also went back to the sand bar where the sand lined the sea, as if a 4-6feet wide (100-200 meters long) sand was floating in the middle of the sea.

Back at MJ’s at 1130sh for lunch. We were served Chicken Binakol and Breaded scallops (unfortunately the locals didn’t had tartar sauce dips).  It would have been a nice lunch had it not for the flies. 

We left around 130 for a 40min boat ride back to the port.  Before we left, I approached the TG supervisor and gave my card, told her if she has time, come over to ilo-ilo for HIV testing. She was interested and I felt guilty because I opted not to offer HIV screening the night before–knowing I had a few kits with me (and the ghost of laziness took over me)

MJ’s offered unlimited soda and coffee, staff were nice and cute kids helped serve food and clear table.  We paid 1,699php (around 34dollars) per head for the entire island hop package, boat rides, accommodation and food. Not bad. 

The islands were nothing special. The water was better, clearer at Bohol.  Food was good, but better in places like Cebu and Boracay.  People were definitely friendly. Boatmen were funny. 


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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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