Here’s an overview of the HIV registry reported as of May, 2017.


  1. 1,098 new cases reported, the highest ever in the history of HIV case-recording in the country. This averaged 35/cases per day last May.  Note that the numbers would refer to the confirmed cases reported for the month, and since the confirmatory process takes 10 business days (at least), some of the screenings may have been done April, and some May screened reactives would have been confirmed by June.
  2. 140 AIDS cases were noted, more than 10% of the new cases were clinically labelled as AIDS cases. These would be cases with CD4 of less than 200 and/or with the presence of an opportunistic infection.
  3. 8 pregnant women were reported to have been confirmed with HIV. Note that in a recent travel to the region 1 areas, some municipalities do not have HIV testing available, and most pregnant women were never tested, or were never informed about HIV testing.
  4. Region 3 went up to number 3 among the regions, normally occupied by Region 7. NCR retains its top position among the different regions of the country.
  5. In May 2017, 64 adolescents aged 10-19 years were reported.  3 children aged 10 years and below were reported to be HIV positive and were infected through mother-to-child transmission.
  6. Eighty-four OFWs were reported in May 2017, comprising 8% of the total newly diagnosed cases.
  7. In May 2017, there were 15 reported deaths.

Please view the entire report here:  EB_HIV_May-AIDSreg2017.

This reinforces the illustration below recently released by  UNAIDS:


If the country continues to push for more awareness and education, we expect to screen more people for HIV.  If more non-“fast track” cities would start with their HIV programs, we hope to reach more people.  On top of the screening is the need to link more people to treatment and care, and RETAIN people in treatment.

It’s a long road.  But we have to start walking (or driving) that long road, or else, we don’t get anywhere.

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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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