I Want To.


I want to write.

I have been wanting to write about things, maybe my trip to Baguio up north

Or my day in the Congress hearing for the AIDS law Amendment, or maybe my day with some close friends in Tagaytay.

Write about advocacy and activism and how they are different, and tell people that helping others is not necessarily an advocacy in essence.

I want to write about counseling people or maybe the very basics of helping people.

I want to write about my meeting with Eunice forward save the children or with the Department of Health or with the different City Health offices.

I want to write about that wonderful experience of having met many young legislators during in the fellowship night of the Robredo Foundation gathering.

I want to write about my relationship with my mom or maybe my brothers or maybe my cousins or maybe my friends.

I want to write about friends that I haven’t seen for so long and I am not even sure if I would ever see them again, or at least see them the way I used to see them

I want to write but my want to write is not my priority.

There are needs that I have to do so for now, this is what I need to write.

I just need to write the things that I want to write.

Maybe I’m just bored.

It’s almost two in the morning.



About +daddy+drEw+

HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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