*Data courtesy of the Epidemiology Bureau of the Department of Health

In January, 2017, highlights were as follows:

844 new cases, an average of 27 per day

  • 36% came from the National Capital Region
  • 18% came from Region 4A
  • 427/844 were 25-39 y.o. population
  • 19 cases were 50 years old and above
  • 90/844 were AIDS cases, more than 10%

806/844 were male

  • 789 of 806 were infected from unprotected sexual contact
  • 245/789 reported bisexual contact
  • 15/789 reported injecting drug use
  • 2/789 were infected from mother to child

Among the youth:

  • Two hundred sixty-one (99%) 15-24 y.o. were infected through sexual contact (27 male-female sex, 161 male-male sex, 73 sex with both males & females), and three (3) through needle sharing among IDU.
  • 51 adolescents aged 10-19 years were reported to HARP. All were infected through sexual contact (9 male-female sex, 28 male-male sex, 14 sex with both males & females).

Overseas foreign worker

  • Sixty-five (65) OFWs were reported in January 2017, comprising 8% of the total newly diagnosed cases.
  • 58 male: 7 female

People who Engage in Transactional Sex

  • 27 cases reported to have accepted payment for sex, 265 of whom are male
  • 38 cases reported to have paid for sex, all male
  • 14 cases engaged in both accepting payment and paying for sex, 11 were male

9 pregnant women

  • 7 of 9 cases were 15-24 years old
  • Since 2011, a total of 158 pregnant cases were reported. More than half (54%) were from the age group 15-24 years old

33 reported deaths

  • 30 (91%) were male and 3 (9%) were female
  • Fifteen (45%) of the reported deaths belong to 25-34 year age group, 10 were 15-24 age group and 8 were adult aged 35-49 years old.
  • All were infected through sexual contact (6 male-female sex, 12 male-male sex, 15 sex with both males & females)

For the full report:  EB_HIV_January-AIDSreg2017

(((Also see the list of recent HIV care providers in the link above)))



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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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  1. Harlon says:

    Brilliant and informative posting as always. In the spirit of sharing information, I am wondering if the U = U campaign is getting any attention in the Philippines.

    U=U means undetectable = untransmissible. Or that essentially is your viral load is zero that you cannot transmit HIV. It’s been controversial (is undetectable a constant state)) and it doesn’t address the issues of STIs etc. However, it potentially eliminates a large part of stigma and rejection.

    Here’s one link, there are many more….and would be glad to discuss it more with you.


    Keep up you being your amazing self and doing amazing stuff.

    Peace, Harlon

    • +daddy+drEw+ says:

      Hi Harlon
      While we are aware of the U=U campaign, it hasnt been widely used here. In lectures and sharings, we make it a point that we say this.

      But as a national campaign, no 😦

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