Here’s the latest stats on the HIV cases in the Philippines:


Some highlights:

  • 758 new cases for November, 2016
  • 40% of the new cases came from the national capital region, followed by  regions 3 and 7 with 10% each
  • 86 of 758 (more than 10%) were AIDS Cases
  • 727 of 758 were male (by birth)
  • 220/758 came from the age group 15-24, with the 25-34 age group contributing 396 of the 758 new cases
  • 5 pregnant women were newly diagnosed for November
  • There were 21 deaths reported
  • 243 of the 758 cases reported BISEXUAL contacts
  • One (1) mother to child (baby girl)  case was reported for November
  • 36 adolescents were reported as new cases (10-19 years old)
  • 31 / 758 cases reported having accepted payment for sex , while 45 reported to have paid for sex

These in mind, there is still a great need for a more robust outreach program to reach the hard-to-reach population.   Also, there is a growing bisexual-contact reported on a monthly basis so there may be a need for health providers to be more proactive in initiating counseling and testing.

To date, we still do not see a disaggregated report among the transgenders.

So again,  get tested please. There are a lot of testing facilities offering free HIV screening, plus the ongoing community-based HIV screening (CBS) which allows for a wider reach and a confidential non-clinic based HIV screening at the community level.

So, again, please get tested. If you have questions about screening, you may reach various organizations and volunteers out there. Some are:

If you’re on twitter, here are some counselors on twitter:

@dvocateHIV @edbusim @tomasito153 @jake_positive @fauxpositif @sutilako @tgp_moshimoyaho @Nak_ng_Tokwa @angelosmith123 @marcy_oculto Females @iAmTokneneng


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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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2 Responses to November 2016, HIV AIDS REGISTRY OF THE PHILIPPINES

  1. Harlon says:

    I think data on new infections is very important, especially is determining where outreach and education on prevention is best directed. I find it interesting how cases are reported. For example:
    86 of 758 (more than 10%) were AIDS Cases – I find it curious that new diagnoses are reported as AIDS, it seems in Canada they are trying to erase the word AIDS and just talk about HIV and blame AIDS on the co-morbidities that come along with HIV.
    I was also concerned about the Mother to child transmission, I thought that was under control, but perhaps the mother did not know she was HIV+ which really underlies the power of your statement about getting tested and knowing your status.

    I am also curious, has PEP and PrEP been rolled out or caught on in The Phillipenes?

    Again, thanks for keeping the information flowing.

    Your pal, Harlon

    • +daddy+drEw+ says:

      Let me try to answer ur queries 🙂

      AIDS in d report: i agree with what canada is doing. Guess we are not there yet. Here, it shows cases of late diagnosis I guess, and wanting ergo to promote early testing?

      Mother to child: we’re quite behind on this (which pretty.much says it all)

      PEP is out for occupational setting only. ONLY. POORLY ROLLED OUT at that. Not all hosp know PeP

      PREP – we have an upcoming operational research on this, starting with 200 clients for two yrs. AGAIN, we’re behind on PREP.


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