Holidays and Your ARVs


The Philippines is said to have one of, if not the longest Christmas celebrations in the world.  More often than not, some days are declared holidays to allow for extra vacation for the workers.

Do remember your ARVs.   Note that with holidays, your treatment clinics may be closed as well so please do make necessary refills before the long “winter”.

Others may be willing to lend you a bottle or so, but if you can prevent yourself from getting stressed and sharing that stress to others, please… claim your ARVs before going on vacation.

And if you’re going on vacation, bring your bottle with you. If you prefer to put ’em in pill boxes, make sure please to have ample pills to get you through up until the time you get back to your home base.  I myself am a victim of this, I have had a case or two when I went off site and ended up lacking in the number of pills in my box.  This is why I have always preferred bringing my bottles with me.

Know your community members and support groups in your destination, if locally traveling. This will help you if in case you do need to “bother” someone for the pills.If out of the country, please reach out to our org, HIV & AIDS Support House  (HASH) and hopefully, we can find a partner org who can help you out there.

Enjoy your holidays, kids!  Watch your diet according to the advice of your doctors vis-à-vis the ARVs you’re taking.  Going on holiday is not an excuse to go rogue on your diet, or forget your pills for a day or so.

There had been a few reminders online and yet, as of today, I have had a few messages from those in the provinces for vacation who left either their ARVs or their prophylactic meds like Isoniazid and Cotrimoxazole.

I’m not ranting. It feels good to help others after all… But if we can rid ourselves of the extra stress of thinking about the forgotten meds and enjoy the vacation more, why not?

Enjoy the holidays! And Stay SAFE!



About +daddy+drEw+

HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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2 Responses to Holidays and Your ARVs

  1. Harlon says:

    Great post, I agree that during the holidays or any time I are taken out of my regular routine, it’s easy to get a bit “rogue” as you say with my adherence. Like you said, stick with your problem so you don’t have to deal with any anxiety and you can enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas! Harlon

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