They Died, sad?


Another one died as of this 10PM. He was 31, from Mindanao. His family went to Manila to be with him in an expensive hospital, then they opted to transfer to a public hospital, the 1.3M bill was just too much. He had PCP, but the family did not want to wear mask since they didn’t want him to feel they feared his disease.
We can offer prayers, we can light a candle, we can send them our condolences. But what have we done really? Think about it… what have you done?
Another one died. Sad?
Monday morning, another one died. His mom took care of him for four months, she never left his side. She also acted as a mother to the boy next bed whose family was not there. He never lost weight, he seemed healthy, except for a persistent fluid in his lungs. They didn’t have money for CT scan. But his mom was still there for him.
The boy beside him died last week. The same week, the “shouting boy” at the end of the hall died too.
What have you done to help?
What can you do tomorrow?

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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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