A REUNION of (sort for some) REDx

So a few days ago,  was complaining about some neighbors being noisy singing videoke in the middle of the night, I sent a tweet saying we  can always get even,

Early today, things were blurry, I wasn’t sure if the plan was pushing through.  But then I knew I was already exhausted from my San Lazaro Hospital visit and I wasn’t sure I had enough energy.
I met  at the mall near the hospital and we decided to go there after U verified with  that the night is all set .
We got there around half past the hour of 9 in the evening, I knew where to park but I can’t quite remember where the house was exactly.  picked us up from the main road and there….
The early birds when we got there:
Batch 2 mostly from down south:
Batch 3, the noisy kids:
The (uncharacteristically) prim and proper group:
The singers of the night:
The newbies: (first time to join the “oldies” of REDx)
I left with a few guys around 130ish amd I think some more guys came in like:
I wanted to stay but my partner was home alone and well, I wanted to be home with him since we only spend the weekends together. Although I knew he was asleep already, still….
It was sort a reunion for REDx, majority of those who attended would have attended previous REDx activities. It was a nice evening. It was especially nice to have seen:
  •   who i remember I assisted during their early diagnosis days with his now-ex partner.
  •   ,well, it’s been three years since I went with him to RITM for his baseline 
  •  the guy I have been chatting with for so long and eventually, finally, enrolled into treatment
  • and  with whom I have been chatting for some time as well.
I felt like my CD4 went up several notches today. Admittedly, my heart broke a few times at the hospital, but the night brought all the pieces back together.

About +daddy+drEw+

HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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