SLH (unplanned) visit


My FB friend told me they were gonna have a gift-giving activity at the H4 ward so I dropped by, since I already drove all the way to the DOH to get two sheets of survey respondents (from a supposed 40 target respondents).

I got there and everybody was literally all over the place. Some were seated chatting with patients, some chatting with family members, some guys were praying, the youngest in the group was talking to a patient about the scriptures, Kuya Nato was going around collecting the list of patients who needed blood, everyone was busy.

It hit me, these people are not even positive. And there they are, spending precious times with the patients. It’s a day before the Christmas eve and there they are, by the bedsides of the patients.

It made me smile…. and sad.

Smile because of their selfless acts of giving.  These are strangers in need and they were just there–to help, to talk, to pray.

Sad because I saw a patient who has been there for months, and I asked him if his (*positive) friend already visited him, he smiled when he saw me but the smile slowly disappeared as I asked about his friend. He said, “No.”

I don’t want to be where he is. No friends. No one. But I can never say if it would happen to me or not. My family will be there, at least I am sure of that.

Are you?  Have you heard about the golden rule?

Of course, yeah yeah, you have your own issues. I can see that.

At least, say a little prayer for them.




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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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