Mall Time



Plans for the Day

So the plan today was that I’m supposed to meet @itsmechris about a patient who needs Cefepime.  He texted me saying he went to Divisoria and that he will meet me later tonight instead.  Since I was already driving for the mall where we were supposed to meet, I decided to go ahead with the mall visit.

Globe Store

I went directly to the Globe store since my partner gave me his iPhone5 and he said I can purchase a nano sim and request my other number to be programmed onto the new nano sim.  It doesn’t work that way though as this feature is not available for nano sims. So I ended up buying a new prepaid sim card.

Side Trip

While waiting for my turn, I noticed New York 101 calling me. So i went over and said hi.  I ended up with a pair of shorts.

Stop Over

After the Globe visit, I decided to look for a smoking area and while finding my way around the side streets of Trinoma, I found myself with an old friend, Reebok. You see, Reebok happens to be one of the more dependable friends of mine, like what the cliche says, “through thick and thin”.  So I took Reebok home. Well, I bought a pair of shoes to be clear.

Going Home

So I needed to go up the uppermost level to get my way to the parking area and since I’m on my Day 3-GM Diet (veggis and fruits) I decided to take home some Caesar’s salad.  The cute wait staff at TGIF was trying to upsell a discount card for PhP2,500.  Along with the card would have been 2,500 worth of Gift certificates and 20% automatic discount on all purchase.  But wait, there’s more, if it’s a Monday, the discount goes up to 30%!   Having been in the food industry for so long, upselling is something that I would have my auto-defense mode up against. So…. long story short, I bought the card.


It will be my birthday soon. Let’s leave it at that!




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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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