It’s Halloween!

It’s the eve of a National Holiday here in the Philippines and today, our peers in the HIV advocacy has received the September 2015 HIV & AIDS Registry of the Philippines (HARP), thanks to Dr. Kate Leyritana for forwarding the email over to me.


  • 692 new cases reported.  This brings the total to 5901 year-to-date. That’s close to 25,500 since we first monitored the number of cases in 1984.
  • 647 cases were asymptomatic, that’s 93.5% (assumed) early diagnosis.
  • The top 3 regions with the highest number of reported cases for September 2015 were: NCR with 270 (39%) cases, Region 4A with 128 (18%) cases and Region 3 with 60 (9%) cases.
  • Reported modes of transmission (MOT) were sexual contact (667), needle sharing among injecting drug users (IDU) [24], and mother-to-child transmission (1). Yes, we had a diagnosed case of less than 15 years old.
  • 59 overseas foreign workers (OFWs) were reported to the HARP in September 2015, comprising 9% of the total newly diagnosed cases for the month
  • 11% (79) of the reported cases engaged in transactional sex
  • There were 13 reported deaths in September


CLICK HERE—>>> EB_HIV_Sept-AIDSreg2015 (1)

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3 Responses to September 2015, HIV AIDS REGISTRY OF THE PHILIPPINES

  1. Chaoticboi says:

    Sir, on a lighter note. Any tips from those who are on ARVs and travels a lot. I have an upcoming trip to Cebu with office mates who does not know my status, and this is the first time (a a pos) to travel via plane. How do you handle the meds? Do you take them out of the original bottle and put it on a non-labeled one? Does the security ask questions if they see meds inside your carry-on? I’m really worried on bringing the meds with me, without divulging they are ARVs. Hope someone can share.

  2. CS says:

    hmm just put them in a pill box not the original packaging, if an when officemates ask tell them it’s your multivitamins and other antioxidant tablet/pills hope this helps

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