A BPI TIMOG experience



Keyed in my transaction. N42. Glanced up the screen, N36.  Looked at the tellers, there are 4 active tellers. One for VIP, as usual.

Nearly 30 minutes after, my number was called to teller #3.  She told me to sign over printed name. That’s new, I thought, I signed and she asked for my I.D. I gave my license.


I felt like responding to an instruction of a machine.


The other tellers were noticeably amicable. Mine wasn’t.   The system was down, she gave a deep sign and looked at the other teller.  She kept clicking on her mouse and dropped it on the desk a couple of times, obviously annoyed.


She told me to wait as she will need to call the two branches– my branch and the (check) issuing bank.  I said I’ll just come back at around 4.

She said “you can’t leave the transactions with me.”  I didn’t say I was going to!

I took the check and turned my back,  it wasn’t exactly the time of the day for me to be all patient since I’m not exactly a morning person.  She called me, “Your license.”

I took my license as I left the bank, I walked by the manager’s cubicle but I couldn’t waste any more time to complain. I was late as it is for another appointment.


As i settled down at the Cocoon boutique hotel where an activity was ongoing (& I was late),  i took a deep breath and thought very closely.  What went wrong?

A) The failed transaction and the utter waste of time waiting

B) The robotic, transactional, apathetic teller

C) The fact that this is not the first bad experience I had with this branch

D) I am not a morning person.

It’s All of the Above.

***As of this time, my BPI ABS-CBN branch manager Trisha has already appeased me.  I called her on my way to the hotel and as usual, she was accommodating and nice.  I excused myself from the meeting and drove quickly to ABS-CBN where my transaction was finished in 5-10mins.  Trisha said it may have been because there were too many clients in the other branch– I do not and cannot buy that sh*t.

I can be understanding, but don’t touch me in the morning =)


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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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