Updated as of 11/27/2017

Please sms Ma’am Ester at 09774992796


UPDATED AS OF 10.28.2015:  CD4 TEST is now available at the Pasig Treatment Hub (PaTH), kindly contact the number ( Ester Cruz at  # 0936-3868470)  for more information.



The New Hub 

The new treatment center is located at the heart of Pasig City, near the corner of Mang Inasal, within the  Center for Dialysis, Healthy Lifestyle, Ambulatory Surgery, Maternity Clinic and Newborn Care of Pasig City (CHAMP) compound.   The place (called PATH, PAsig Treatment Hub) is ran by Dra. Rocylene Roque who is normally available for consult on Wednesdays and is located at the right-most end of the drive way upon entry to the CHAMP compound.  You may inquire from Ester Cruz at  # 0936-3868470.   They operate daily, Mondays thru Fridays from 8AM – 5PM, however it’s best to contact Ester first for an appointment.


The hub  serves Pasig and non-Pasig residents, they are open to referrals, kindly send an SMS 09278067339  through HIV & AIDS Support House.

Patients coming from Anglo & RITM Satellite may also be assisted while waiting for the confirmatory. A proper endorsement letter from HIV & AIDS Support House is required for referrals of new patients.  Patients may direct inquiries to 0927-8067339.

Services Offered

As a hub, they conduct HIV Tests and Counseling with free baseline tests and CD4.  CD4 is on a per appointment basis and is brought by the Ester to the Partner hub (RITM ALABANG) for processing.  STI Management is done in-house for Gonorrhea and Syphilis.


Anti-retro Viral Drugs are directly requested by the hub from the partner hub (RITM Alabang).  These are issued for free to all patients of PATH & they also require Philhealth documents (as PATH is under RITM as of the moment).  Dra. Roque takes on a conservative treatment route by starting new patients out on Nevirapine before considering Efavirenz.

Assessment is done if patient needs to go through Isoniazid Prophylaxis Therapy (IPT).

Baseline & Confinement

Free In-house Baseline laboratories include  CBC & Chest X-ray.  The hub brings all its CD4 blood samples to RITM Alabang, and as such, patients do not need to go to Alabang.

Confinement requests are referred, however if patient prefers to be confined elsewhere,  proper referral documents can be prepared by Dr. Roque’s team.  Discussions are ongoing towards the establishment of  HIV & AIDS core team (HACT) in Pasig General Hospital so eventual referrals can be done directly in Pasig.


Transferees may  be facilitated provided records/abstract are brought in from the former hub.


Hepa B and Pneumo vaccines are (as of this writing) available for free.


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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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  1. Chaoticboi says:

    Thanks so much for this info! Where exactly in pasig, like what street is the compound located? Tried google maps to no avail. Interested in transferring here from SAGIP for convenience.

  2. Chaoticboi says:

    Hi Sir Drew, not yet. Will contact her once I’m fully decided. Thanks so much for answering my questions and putting up this informative blog. Stay blessed.

  3. cristina says:

    Hi,may I ask if there is a free meds.for syphilis?me and my partner was in needs of this.thank you.godbless

  4. Rj eda says:

    Hi, is the number still the same? Thanks

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