I Died Eight Times Today


I Died Eight Times

In Cebu

I woke up and realized a friend who told me he was gonna pick me up form the Manila Airport was not gonna be able to do so. The news came flashing before my eyes where a Manila passenger got off the plane and waited for three hours for a cab in the airport.

At the Cebu International Airport

The place was a chaos, I used to travel through this airport on a monthly basis and this time around, the place was jampacked more than ever.   The floor was dirty, people were at a turmoil, the airport staff looked tired and well, it felt like I was in a middle of Edsa with all the buzz.

The flight was delayed

I had my earphones on with the music at its loudest to keep the noise out of my head (yes, by replacing it with another noise).  Then I noticed a group of yuppies cursing (yes, I lip read! LoL) and I turned the music down, there it was, the announcement that the flight was going to be delayed 15 minutes!  Big deal. I’ve had worse delays before.  We boarded, 15 minutes late, and as soon as everyone settled down in the plane,  the pilot made the bigger announcement, due to “traffic management issue”,  we weren’t flying until 10 minutes past 5PM. I glanced at my phone and it’s 4PM. I went to sleep instead.  We landed in Manila around 615PM

The baggage claim

There was a monitor directing the passengers to #7 claim area. But there was a big crowd there from another flight and the rest of the claim areas were clear.  I went back to the monitor three times to make sure but it really insisted on having me wait at area #7.  The other areas were dead silent, and there I was at area #7, dying.  I claimed my baggage after 30 minutes of waiting.

The cab queue

I got to the cab area and there was a line of well, probably around 70 people and the cabs weren’t there.  During the first hour, only 4 cabs came and went.

The lovers

I was trying to keep my mind busy thinking of things. All sorts of things– that means work, work and more work. Around 8 feet from me were these two European lovers (I don’t which country so don’t even bother asking me, and I chose to call them European. Why, I don’t know!).  They were sweet and smiling even though all the Filipinos in the line were irritated.  Me included.

The 3 hour wait

Now tell me, shouldn’t I be irritated.

The traffic

I finally got a  cab 945PM only to find myself stuck in traffic!

I got home finally.

Around 1050PM.  I was reborn.


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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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