RD Gone


March 19, 2015

I got a call from  asking for help. The records of a confined patient in RITM had to be accessed at a different treatment hub because the patient was unconscious. The doctors didn’t know his ARVs.  I doubted whether or not I would get the records needed.

Dr. Cruz.

I texted Dr. Cruz, forwarded the message of  and tried to get the information needed.  As expected, Dr. Cruz asked that the doctor in RITM call the doctor of RD to get the info needed.


I was rushing.  I forwarded the message of Dr. Cruz to   who then told me that the doctors were able to communicate already. Problem solved, I told myself.

I was rushing.  I had a three day training the next day towards the weekend and I had to go visit a friend’s mom who recently lost her fight to Cancer.

I was rushing. While driving to the funeral, @edbusim was able to find a picture somewhere (where, i cannot say). He showed me the pic and I gave it a shrug. I didn’t know the guy.   A few minutes later, @edbusim saw a tweet from @notzihguy that the guy in RITM didn’t make it. I had to call @notzihguy to make sure we were talking about the same guy.

We were.

I was rushing.  The funeral visit was short since I hadn’t packed my things for the three-day training. And a lot of things were running and racing and spilling over, in and around my mind.


I’m still rushing.  After a few hours of a youth program dissemination in Manila, I drove back to Quezon City so I can round up the first draft of the training’s documentation.  Tomorrow is the start of a 3 day technical working group workshop to finalize some policy draft and guidelines. What used to be jargons to me are meals I take for lunch now a days.  What used to be taboo are plain habits for me.

I spent a couple of hours at home before deciding to go to a nearby milktea house.  I thought I would be able to work faster there.  will meet me there so he can study, and I can stay focused with my draft, and still have company.

15 minutes past 7 in the evening, I was done.  I decided to backread on my twitter and FB messages.

An Urge

From nowhere, I searched for a name. I’m not the type who would search for people’s names on FB, nor am I the type to remember names. I typed a name. I was thinking:

Who is this guy?

We weren’t friends. The picture did not seem familiar,  A call came in and I answered the call. I went back to my laptop a minute later and the net was gone.

And then...

The net went back up. I reloaded my twitter. My facebook. His page came back up.

Who the hell are you?

I clicked on his photos. Oh, I knew him. We met a few times before.

So why do I know his name?

I closed my eyes and in a few seconds, “screenshots” came flooding into my shut eyes.

You’re the guy   asked me to check on last Thursday.

March 23, 2015


About +daddy+drEw+

HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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One Response to RD Gone

  1. Kilopasc41 says:

    I hate deaths. Especially now. I feel like with every death, hope is diminished. Haaaaay. May he rest in peace.

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