The Ship Foundation – The PGH Satellite Treatment Hub


The SHIP Foundation

SHIP stands for Sustained Health Initiatives in the Philippines.   The clinic is headed by Dra. Kate Leyritana and may be contacted thru (02) 209-4971/09228544271.

In its Facebook page, it says that:

The foundation participates in the national intervention on HIV prevention (including focus to injecting drug users), treatment, care and support.

Services range from HIV-screening, laboratory tests for all kind, sexually transmitted infection (STI) treatment and management, HIV treatment, care and support (TCS) provision, HIV and STI prevention intervention, condoms and lubricant provision, and other health related complications management. It is a one-stop shop that offers services free from judgment and discrimination. The institution is a safe place for everyone seeking for private, discreet and confidential care.

The facility is open from 1pm to 7pm everyday, except on Thursdays. It can accommodate clients up to 9pm. (The vision, though, is to open the facility from 6am to 9pm just as when the traffic of clients comes to a surge. This is to also accommodate working clients who prefer to seek health consultation earlier or later than normal working hours.)

The SHIP Foundation aims to partner and work with existing efforts, groups and organizations already in place and provide an alternative in achieving solutions to present problems.

It is in one with the country in looking forward to a brighter and more beautiful Philippines.


We closely coordinate with SHIP for transferees from other hubs who are able to shoulder the expenses that come with the treatment package of the clinic.   Volunteers from the Community include @edbusim & @sutilako

The Baseline

For new patients, Dra. Leyritana has recently published its baseline protocols.


For more information, please call   (02) 209-4971 or mobile # 09228544271


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