#REDxMagicalSummer2015 Reminders


Borrowed from the blog of @jonstaycool

#REDx Mid-Year Event Reminder

Golden Rules for #REDx Mid-Year Event

#1 BE ON TIME. If you are not there during the final call for departure, we would need to leave you. You may however choose to commute.

#2 BE CONSIDERATE. A poz gathering is just like any other gathering. We may differ in age, lifestyle, language, interests, attitude, etc. In short, we can’t force people to be rubbing elbows with each other.. but be considerate.  If someone or something does not please you, just shove it off and try to have fun.

#3 THE GOLDEN RULE. If you stumble upon someone you know personally outside the “showbiz” circle, keep it to yourself. Everyone should protect one’s privacy the same manner you want your privacy to be preserved.

#4 TRY NOT TO BE SHY. Approach someone. Initiate a small talk. Earn a friend.

#5 NEVER PURPOSELY MOCK SOMEONE. If you can’t help it, keep it in your head.

#6 LIMIT “MINI-GROUPS”.  Don’t limit yourself to the crowd that you are used to. Go around and get to know new people  as in an orgy, don’t focus on just one cock (charot).

#7 CAREFUL WITH THE JARGON. Do not use “poz”, “positive”, “ARVs”, “CD4” or any other terms that are related to HIV. Please be aware of the following substitute words that we can use:

HIV+ individual = Showbiz, mutant, xmen, may kulam,

HIV- individual = non-showbiz

ARVs = Vitamins

CD4 = votes (as in vote count)

Hub = school

#8 ARV’s. Don’t forget to bring your vitamins if you’re on them already.

#9 TAKING OF PHOTOS. Never take a photo of anyone without their permission. If you are uncomfortable being on a group photo, decline politely or turn to your back/cover your face. Never ever show group photos to anyone even if those people decided to be on those photos. In general, only organizers can take photos of activities for documentation purposes (Jon’s cam and Madam’s phone) but these photos do not get uploaded or shared with anyone else. For events like #REDxSUMMER we do allow you to take photos of yourself (selfies) of course.. but other than that, please seek permission of the people you intend to include in the photo.

#10 HAVE FUN. People tend to be competitive but the goal of every #REDx event is for all to have fun so we suggest to stick with the core goal and enjoy every moment of it.


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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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