Tune Hotels’ Security Whistles at a Gay Man Passing By



Outside 7-11

My friend @edbusim & I were outside 7-11 in Timog, Quezon City when a man walked out of 7-11, it was around 11 in the evening.  He was around 5 ft. 2 in and was wearing a white shirt and a pair of black slacks.  He was obviously wearing make-up and yes, he’s gay.  He turned left, away from the parked cars in front of 7-11 towards the main door of Tune Hotels-Timog and swerved to his right going to our direction.  As he turned to us, I happened to look his way and saw the guard (behind him) inside the hotel opening the door — and whistled at the gay man.   The gay man looked back at the guard and walked away.

I stared at the guard as he whistled with an insulting smile on his face.  Then he closed the door and talked to the other security guard on duty (a taller man), they chuckled.


The utter disrespect for the LGBT community is glaring in a lot of cases.  We have had several Trans women murdered/killed up North and more documented cases of abuse of the LGBT Community.  A few local government units have gone ahead and passed the (Local Ordinance) Anti-Discrimination Ordinance but the Senate/Congress is yet to pass the Bill from their end.

I looked at the security guard with disgust as he whistled at the man passing by, I made sure we saw eye to eye as he turned his back away from where we were standing.

I wonder

If it were a gorgeous woman passing by, would he have done the same?

Could the gay man be an employee of Tune Hotels or perhaps 7-11 and the Security guard knew him?

Did the gay man’s make-up & flamboyance deserve the disrespect this guard threw at him?

Considering he’s on duty, no, he shouldn’t have done what he did especially several (foreigner) guests were outside the hotel smoking.

@tunehotels tweeted

I tagged @tunehotels in a tweet, and they promptly responded. And then what?



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