Latest HIV / AIDS Stats of the Philippines


Sharing from the facebook post of Dra. Kate Leyritana:


509 New HIV cases for December.
95% are males.
25% are aged 15-24.
7% are late stage diagnosis.

Total HIV cases since 1984: 22,527
Total reported deaths since 1984: 1,118 (5%)

Data from DOH-NEC.


  • It would be nice if we have a breakdown of the sexual orientation of the genders noted in the monthly reports
  • I have always wondered if the data are accurate,  1,118 deaths with 22,527 cases since 1984.  Where the hell are they?  I mean, if we were to add all the enrolled PLHIVs in the treatment hubs, would we reach the 20,000 mark?


  1. While people are getting tested, where are those “lost to follow up”, those not enrolled?
  2. Do we have sufficient campaign programs to tell people to get tested and that there’s life after treatment?
  3. Is it sufficient to send out a message to get tested? And then what?  Do we need to redirect our messaging & campaigns?
  4. And the questions go on and on.


The thing it is not and will never be easy.   Who do we task to go through the thousands of files of say, RITM, and contact the lost to follow up?  Do we even know if some of them are still alive?

People will always say do this and do that.  But unless people come forward to actually do something about an or any issue, these are all words in the wind.


I have in many cases seen people asking what the government has done.  My question is:

What have you done?


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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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