The Quezon City Satellite Hub

01.28.2015 (posted Aug2015)

The QC Satellite Hub 

The treatment center is located along Bernardo street .   The hub started its operations last 2014:

  • There are two shifts, the morning (Bernardo Social Hygiene Clinic) and the afternoon (Klinika Bernardo) shifts.
  • Initially, they operated the satellite hub under partnership with RITM where all patients are still required to undergo Baseline exams at RITM. Succeeding consultations and ARV Refills are done at Klinika Bernardo (KB).
  • Eventually, the CD4 machine came and the afternoon shift’s new patients had their in-house baseline labs done onsite, except for Chest X-ray and Hepatitis B Screening where patients have to outsource the procedures.

The hub is not exclusive to Quezon City residents.

Services Offered

For new patients, KB conducts HIV Testing and Counseling with free baseline tests and CD4.  STI Management is done in-house.  HepaB screening and Chest x-ray will have to be done outside (patient’s choice of lab and own expense).

The Clinic hotline is 0917-5811178

As of August 01, 2015, CD4 is not available in Quezon City, Clients are referred to RITM for the time being.

New Patients

New Patients may enroll directly with their confirmatory results. Antiretroviral Drugs  (ARVs) are likewise available for issuance depending on the CD4 / health status of the patient. However, note that ARV refill must be scheduled as the KB personnel will have to pick the ARVs up from RITM prior to release to the patients.


Antiretroviral Drugs are directly requested by the hub from the RITM in Alabang.  These are issued for free to all patients of  Klinika Bernardo with transportation charge  per pick up from RITM.

Assessment is done if patient needs to go through Isoniazid Prophylaxis Therapy (IPT).

Baseline & Confinement

In-house Baseline laboratories include  CBC, RPR (Syphilis), Sputum which are all free.

Confinement requests are coursed through RITM, however if patient prefers to be confined elsewhere,  proper referral documents can be prepared by the KB team.  KB is also connected to the Service Delivery Network (SDN) of Quezon City, so referral network is present if needed. The network includes Lung Center, East Ave, QC Gen Hosp, Red Cross, etc.


Transferees may  be facilitated provided records/abstract are brought in from the former hub.




For questions, kindly email


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