QQ 004: Is it possible for CD4 to go up even without ARV?


Pede b tumaas ang cd4 counts kht d p nag gagamot?

(Is it possible for CD4 to go up even without ARV?)


Operative word: Possible.  Yes it is possible as proven by a very few people in the HIV Community.

Talk to your doctor

Your doctor will assess what is best for you,  You did not tell me what your current CD4 result is so I am not able to refer to the ARV Guidelines, all the same, your doctor would know whether or not you should be on ARV

CD4 & Viral Load

While some people are able to control their CD4 and remarkably increase their CD4 without ARV (I know 5 people, out of around 500?),  their Viral Load may remain high without ARV support.


Depending on what your CD4 is,  you may be taking on the risk of getting Opportunistic Infections without ARV.  This is only because while waiting for your next CD4 schedule (6 months from the last one), you can only hope that your CD4 goes up.  And if it doesn’t?

Again, talk to your doctor.


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