Doctors & Disclosures


In reference to the items below, kindly refrain from asking me further details as I am not able to divulge specific information since no case has been file legally.

Your Doctor Discloses Your HIV Status

Apparently, a doctor discloses your HIV Status to a common facebook friend.  This happened August, 2014 and it wasn’t until December when that common friend approached and confronted you.

People Said

You should file a legal case against this doctor.  You should at least seek assistance to have a close door meeting with this doctor to call his attention.

If you don’t do anything, this can happen to other patients.

You should give him a liter of blood. Your blood.  This was of course, a joke.

The Law Says

The Philippine AIDS Law states:

(n) “Medical Confidentiality” – refers to the relationship of trust and confidence
created or existing between a patient or a person with HIV and his
attending physician, consulting medical specialist, nurse, medical
technologist and all other health workers or personnel involved in any
counselling, testing or professional care of the former; it also applies to
any person who, in any official capacity, has acquired or may have
acquired such confidential information.

SEC. 28. Reporting Procedures – All hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and
testing centers for HIV/AIDS shall adopt measures in assuring the
reporting and confidentiality of any medical record, personal data, file,
including all data which may be accessed from various data banks or
information systems. The Department of Health through its AIDSWATCH
monitoring shall receive, collate, evaluate all HIV/AIDS related medical
reports. The AIDSWATCH data base shall utilize a coding system that
promotes client anonymity.

SEC. 30. Medical Confidentiality – All health professionals, medical
instructors, workers, employers, recruitment agencies, insurance
companies, data encoders, and other custodians of any medical record,
file, data, or test results are directed to strictly observe confidentiality
in the handling of all medical information, particularly the identity and
status of persons with HIV.

SEC. 33. Penalties for Violation of Confidentiality – Any violation                                                                             of medical confidentiality as provided in Sections 30 and Section 32 of this
Act shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment for six (6) months to four (4)
years, without prejudice to administrative sanctions such as fines and
suspension or revocation of the violator’s license to practice his/her
profession, as well as the cancellation or withdrawal of the license to
operate any business entity and the accreditation of hospitals,
laboratories and clinics.

You Said

What about my privacy?

And I rest my case.



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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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