Nice to See Old Kids



I must have seen a couple of tweets about  meeting some pozzies for a movie, and then I knew  was busy with the review,   was meeting  somewhere, and me, I was home.

Seeing Old Friends

Around 730 in the evening, I finally decided to go and see  but then I fell asleep and by the time I got there,   already left.    was with  at a nearby Northpark, and I was told the “girls” were coming. Within the next hour, we transfered to Starbucks and the girls started coming.   arrived, followed by the girls (     @HIVCommunity ).

 would be the newest in the group. Well, he was just diagnosed this year. All the rest would have been at least a year or two older.

 came last and I had to excuse myself since my “old” self was telling me to go home.


I first met Moy in 2013, around July, I think.  It was in Starbucks Trinoma where I also first met  with  .   &  eventually became partners and well, “it’s been almost a year” when I asked them how long they’ve been together.

 is a sweet kid and I recall having long phone conversations with him back then. He was the one who told me about “SET” and he had notes with him when I asked him what SET was all about.  But of course, he will always be remembered as the kid who caused the entire group to come in hours late during the #REDx 2013,  he  made a blog:

The Chronicles of the Late Kid during the #REDx Party


Chris and Carlitos are partners, too.  They have been together for months now and it was nice to see them together.   I  have seen Chris a few times lately but normally alone.  It was a breath of fresh air to see the two together.  It would have been nice to engage in a cerebral conversation with the two however, I had to leave shortly after they arrived.

Come and Go

The fact is people in twitter come and go, only a handful would remain.  Newly diagnosed come in and the old ones…. well, they cope up and some of them “move on” with their lives.  I hated not seeing people, or not hearing from people, but soon enough, I understood that people have their real lives outside of Twitter.

It just so happened that Twitter is a part of my life.

Seeing Old Friends

I often use the term “friends” as this is how I regard the girls.  I may not have that deep a relationship with them but the connection with everyone couldn’t have been any deeper. I may not know all their real names but we have shared laughters and even tears and for me, I think I can consider them as my friends.

We can be closer, yes, but if there’s one thing in life I have learned, it’s to be content with what I have.


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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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