Shakey’s Send Some Love. NOT.



Past 1:00 in the morning

We were watching Hell’s Kitchen and we thought of ordering pizza.  The ever dependable Supercard hasn’t been used for some time and it’s about time we use the card again. We called 7777 – Shakey’s Delivery line. We ordered for a Belly Buster + Pepperoni Pizza, a box of Mojos, and a bottle of Coke Zero

If it’s Late, it’s Free Promo

The timer was set although unlike Jollibee, we never did encounter any late delivery with Shakey’s.  True enough, the bell rang 5 minutes before Deadline

The orders

We were served a box of Mojos, Belly Buster + Hawaiian Pizzas and Regular Coke. #wtf   The delivery man was very courteous and did not waste time in blaming the call center, but yeah, he was nice. He called his branch and said he will be back with the right pizza and soda.

2:31 AM Call from the Call Center

I was on the phone to call the hotline and complain, within the first few seconds, “Grace” quickly got my phone number and said she will check the status.  Before she put me on hold, I asked her to listen to why I called in the first place. Grace asked me to stay on hold for a minute or two to check on the recording.

“A minute or two to check the voice log? Sure!” I said

Grace realized that was not gonna happen and she offered to call back.

Even before I put the phone down, a call came in (mobile cellphone) and they said the recording did say that the order was “placed” correctly but was not properly communicated to the branch. They said they will call back.

2:33 AM The right orders came back

The bell rang. The right orders were delivered.

2:37 AM Call from the Branch

Misty of the Branch called to ask if the call center had called already. It was a brief 5 second conversation and no empathy was heard from the branch.

The Callback 

We later received a call saying that the wrong Hawaiian Pizza was going to be re-delivered as complimentary.  My immediate thought was:

“Were they sending back the same pizza delivered more than 30 minutes ago?”

In less than 8 minutes, the pizza arrived. So was it a freshly prepared pizza? Go figure.

Yeah,  so if you’re thinking of sending some Love using Shakey’s delivery, THINK AGAIN!

Bloopers and Making it Right

I came from the food industry and yes, shit happens.  But Making it Right the second time (which should have been “Do it Right the First time”) would have been nice.  Sending us the lapsed pizza? Seriously?


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