REDxYEAREND Party 2014

REDxYEAREND Party 2014

The first #REDx was December 14. 2013.

December 13, 2014.

The stage is all set. Program in place.  Lights, camera and yeah, a lot of action!

And so the most talked about Year-end event is coming!  Countdowns are “up” and the organizers are ready to roll.


#REDx has taken pride in the friendship it creates within its circle.   As always, we do not claim to be an organized group.  We are simply a group of guys from the same community wanting to enjoy the year-end in an exclusive place. We do not advocate for a specific cause but it doesn’t mean we care any less.


#REDxYEP2014 was started by @iamnemo2012. And yeah, we are using the hashtag.


Well, so far, the following guys are the “oldies” (they attended last year’s event):

@iamnemo2012  @jonstaycool @BtchBum @cortezryan32 @jaylouie11 @Possiecat83 @VickyBeki @iLuvMyPossiecat @C3DD13 @TheRedSkywalker  @plusitiveguy

All the rest are first timers, at least, first time to join the Yearend event. The “youngest” (or the newest) was diagnosed last November, 2014.  Well, the oldest is typing this blog right at this very moment, diagnosed in 2007.

Some reasons we heard from our old friends were:

I refuse to  see @jonstaycool happy in the arms of someone else (of course, that was a joke)

Office year-end party coincided with the #REDxYEP2014

Personal.  (Let’s leave it at that.)


We welcome the first timers and we look forward to having new friends.  It takes a lot of courage for PLHIVs to come out in a community with (self-) stigma and discrimination.  And we want to make sure everyone feels welcome as they take part in the #REDxYEP2014


New games are in place.  Prizes.

New friends. New Kings and Queens.

Fun. Booze. Food.

More food.

New memories. No Twists.


I tweeted last night “#lastnato” (translation: this is the last time), thinking to myself this will be the last time I will help organize any REDx event.   Well, surprise surprise, within the first thirty minutes, I told myself, “HELL, NO!”.

The fact is, well the facts are:

Every laughter counts.

Every hi and hello mean the world to me.

Every new memory inspires me to carry my advocacy further.

Every candle lit represents not just what was lost, but what’s in front of us.

And REDx is and will always be the flame that ignited my advocacy once again.


To the Organizers,  take pride as you don’t know how much good you have done for the past year.

To the Attendees,  take pride in the courage you bring with you and the friendship you will bring back home as no amount of bashing & pessimism can ever take the memories away from you.


About +daddy+drEw+

HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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