Due to a change in the policy of the National Council on Disability Affairs, we are not able to access PWD cards from this agency anymore.  Your local government unit may accept applications however, we suggest you inquire first.




The National Council on Disability Affairs is located in Don Antonio Heights in Quezon City. It was actually accidental that I posted an HIV-blog in one of the facebook groups and a long time friend (who happens to hold a position at NCDA) messaged me to come and process a PWD card.

I was uncomfortable about the thought of processing one, but he was able to explain to me what I needed to know.


The card classification is PSYCHOSOCIAL. This is the same classification being used for Cancer and those who are undergoing (or have finished) drug rehabilitation.

You do not have to explain to any merchant what PSYCHOSOCIAL is.


For the time being, REDx is able to process the PWD cards, simply send the PWD form, your confirmatory and your I.D. picture.

The PWD form can be downloaded at PWD APPLICATION FORM

You can get your confirmatory results copy from your treatment hub, or as an alternate, you may ask your doctor for an abstract.


1. Who do we contact?

In Baguio, you can directly go to your hub and the staff have already been briefed of the protocol and they know where to send this.

In Cagayan De Oro, you may contact Northern Mindanao Advocates (NorMA) at mobile #0917-430-8597

In NCR & other areas, you can tweet @WIN_1221

In Cebu, you can tweet @HapIV_thoughts

2. What are the benefits of the card?

To mention a few:

>> 20% off restaurant bills
>> 20% off medicines (prescription under the name of the PWD cardholder and PWD booklet needed, supplements and multivitamins may not be covered)
>> 5% off basic commodities (SM Supermarket and the likes at a ceiling of P1,300/week, PWD PURCHASE BOOKLET may be required)
>> Express lane at retail establishments, MRT/LRT & Banks

You may view the full privilege or benefits at PWD PRIVILEGE

You may also tweet @GreyHuMin or @redscare31 for queries related to the card usage

3. How long is the processing of the card?

The actual processing should not be more than a couple of hours once the application & attachments are received. However, REDx brings the application forms on a per batch basis and as such, it may take time depending on the bulk of the application forms collated by REDx

4. What if I get declined from using my PWD Card?

You may email or tweet @HASH_info so we can report to NCDA

5. I had a previous bad experience in processing a PWD Card at my City hall, where can I report this?

You may email


This is not a requirement for the HIV Community. No one is being forced to apply or get the card.


REDx can and will only process the cards until the end of 2016. Effective 2017, PWD cards will have to be processed at the local government unit level.

For more questions, kindly email


About +daddy+drEw+

HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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10 Responses to PWD CARDS

  1. Junaid says:

    Hi good morning, what if i am not from QC i applied here in pasig city they said being HIV positive is not a disability,

    • advocatehiv says:

      Send me an email on this and we can call the attention of pasig

    • advocatehiv says:

      We can proces ur pwd also.

      • Yolo says:

        Where is HASH or REDx located?

      • advocatehiv says:


        REDx is an online community of people living with HIV, we are mostly found in twitter. We generally have regular meet ups (milktea, coffee, chats, movies) and we would have regular xmas and summer outings.

        HASH on the other hand is an NGO based in QC. We generally function to look at gaps in the community related HIV projects/programs. Gaps generally exist in the form of legal and psycho social support. Our partners include Love yourself, Take the test, UNAIDS, ACHIEVE, HAIN and a whole lot of other CSOs.

        You may contact me at 09985552475 for futher queries. Sorry for the late reply.

  2. Marl Tan says:

    Hi, is this process still applicable? What’s the website for HASH? REDx? I’m interested.

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