Prayers for L/A




Today, we lost another blood brother. He was said to be a generous guy with gifts to share on christmas and birthdays.

Yesterday, we were there at the hospital  to explain the 101s of HIV to his mom (who was told that HIV will lead to AIDS and Death, ergo, just bring the patient home), and then we also went up to his room. Frail and weak as he was, I tried to keep him from talking as much as possible, I told him his options. And when the chance came, I leaned over and told him:

I’m positive and we have people to help you through. We WILL help you through.

He stared at me and nodded with a very faint smile.

The same day, I talked to a local government health unit head and requested she intervened as the initial HIV-Ab testing was more than two weeks ago and the hosp refused to treat the patient according to his needs. That the hosp has asked his mother to discharge the patient and settle the bills even with the atypical pneumonia left untreated.

Early today, the same Unit head sent me an SMS confirming that the patient went positive upon initial screening, and that the confirmatory was delayed allegedly because of reagent shortage issue at the confirmatory unit in Manila. She asked the HACT unit to intervene.

Today, we lost him. We lost him to eternal peace. His friends will always remember him fondly. While we did not get the chance to continue the fight with him, he found peace. He found what most of us are yet to find — PEACE. His mother maybe in grief now, but I hope she will have the strength to speak and share their experience in that hospital. So others will learn, and maybe, just maybe, do not suffer the same experience.

And if she chooses not to speak, we will respect that. We will respect a mother who lost a child she loved so much she was willing to give her life for him.

Friends like   are lucky to have had his company– no matter how short Time may have given them– it was worth having him around.

A moment of silence please as we request for prayers for the soul of Patient L/A, for the mother in pain of having lost her beloved breadwinner son, for the friends who will miss L/A, and for hope for better healthcare services across all hospitals in the country.

May you watch over us as we continue the fight for a better tomorrow for our community.



About +daddy+drEw+

HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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