The REDxSUMMER is so coming.

On March 29, 2014, more than 60 PLHIVs will go up north and gather to celebrate camaraderie, life and self-worth.  The organizers have repeatedly met, done oculars, and discussed (& yes, argued) the various activities of the event.   People have invested time and money to be with their friends and the organizers can’t help but tweak and re-tweak plans to ensure FUN, FUN, and more FUN.


Decision to Start A Retweet Campaign

The idea to start a Retweet campaign started as a pre-departure game for the teams to closely coordinate and get to know a little bit about one another.  Yes, a lot of the teams are planning about their attires, game plans and what not,  but the thought came as a means to get everyone out there and campaign for #REDxSUMMER Awareness at the same time.

And so we started the RTs March 23, 2014.

More Than a Pre-Departure Game

Funny thing is,  it turned out to be more than a pre-departure Game.  You see there are five teams for #REDxSUMMER, so we call them Districts and some time last week, we announced the #REDxSUMMER District compositions.   People were mostly excited and welcomed the thought of having old and new friends in their #REDxSUMMER teams.

The guys came out with their own deliberations. Some had to discuss and argue while some stepped up for their team mates.  Here’s a collage of the five official tweets of the five districts:


To view the tweets and probably retweet (please?)  , click on the districts below: (note the team’s mantra opposite the districts)

DISTRICT 1 Who Run the World 

DISTRICT 2 Rise, Endure, Dominate, Exxhilirate 

DISTRICT 3 Fresh, Fierce, Fabulous

DISTRICT 4 Faster, Stronger, Braver

DISTRICT 5 Prepared to Defend, Ready to Repeat.


We noted a few tweets seemingly irritated with the retweets.   We wouldn’t want to apologize for the flood (if any) but personally, I would rather see tweets of creativity rather than see people’s pessimism or people fighting online.   It is after all a free media and people will and can always just ignore the tweets if they don’t concern them.

Hey, we did open the event to everyone, right?  And those who ignored the invitation can just go and ignore the tweets. 

No biggie. 

Team Work, Creativity & Competitiveness

Kudos to those who went out of their way to solicit retweets from celebrities.  

Did it work? I don’t know.   I saw some guys tweeting Beyonce, Xtina, Oprah & some other groups or organizations in Twitter!

But A for Effort, you guys! 


Hats Off for Everyone, #REDxSUMMER

I am touched by the way people responded to the retweet game.  It may not produce thousands of retweets but it sure bonded the teams.  

It sure brought out creativity and wit.

It brought out the Spirit from within the teams.

It brought forth fun.

Lastly, it brought out friends helping other friends, even though they can’t join the #REDxSUMMER event for whatever personal reasons,  it’s heart-warming to see others helping with the RTs

No matter what they say….



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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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