Present in the meeting were:

@Possiecat83 “Madam” as we call him, is our “Game Master”.   He has tons of ideas running with one thing in mind: FUN.

@JMAbril1 He is our “Sky High Awardee” from last Year End gathering.   He came from a cd4 of 4,  climbing up to 400+ pm his 3rd CD4 count.  It’s his first time to join the organizers and we welcome someone of his caliber.

@jonstaycool we can refer to him as the Father of #REDx since he did after all carefully thought of what to call the Christmas gathering last December 2013.  He handles the Financial matters of the event.

@itsofficialNemo flew in yesterday from Cebu and we took this opportunity to have the meeting while he is around.  He played a major role in marketing the Yeat End event last December.  While he is not able to join the guys this time around for summer (due to work location issues), he has remained constantly in touch and in full support of #REDxSUMMER™

@chefpos  was our resident Chef last Christmas, this time he takes on the the Resident Nurse role for the #REDxSUMMER™ event.   Yes, he is both a Chef and a Nurse.

@iLuvMyPossiecat is the only non-PLHIV in the group.   He proudly shouts to the world his love for @Possiecat83 and supports all the activities of the PLHIV Community.

@cortezryan32 is one of the more silent guys in the group.  Mind you, you don’t want to trigger a sensitive bone and he will come up charging right at your face if you offend any of his friends.

Some organizers who weren’t able to make it today due to other commitments were @vickibeki @QueerBeauty @fauxpositif (I hope I did not forget anyone, I can always go back and edit this, lol)


Marketing the event is solely to create awareness among those who will attend and will act mainly as an FYI for our friends who won’t be able to attend.  A countdown will be done for #REDxSUMMER™ as we get closer to the day itself.  Reminders will come out between now and the event. Also, SMS blasts will be sent out as well.


The decision to get a bus for everyone was last minute.   The is a more cost-efficient way to get to the venue rather than having each team go there on their own.  Pick up points and times were tweeted by @itsofficialnemo earlier today:



What to bring and what NOT to bring.  Hopefully our friends don’t act all crazy and start bringing pieces of big luggage for the #REDxSUMMER™.  Of course this is just an internal joke.   This is after all a summer event and we expect people to bring their swimming attires.

No rubber or trekking shoes needed.  (Attention: @Being_Positive_ )


5-7 of the organizers will advance party to the venue.  For what?

Make that virgin island a party animal’s place?! Lol.

Seriously we have to prep what we have to for the arrival of the beauties the next day.  So we’re going to be there as early as the day before.


We reviewed the food & booze lined up for the event.  (No further details at this time)



Oh yeah, the games are going to be fun and wait for it….  HILARIOUS!  #REDxSUMMER™ hopes to create an island filled with the spirit of fun and camaraderie.  What better way to do this than make sure we have games to promote friendship, teamwork and F-U-N !   @Possiecat83 has a lit of games to do JUST T-H-A-T!


@jonstaycool should come out with some guidelines shortly. =)


I cannot end this without mentioning a major interruption that placed the meeting on hold.  A PLEASANT INTERRUPTION.  @IamHPositive  had a blog.  CHECK THIS OUT.  He reminisces his #REDx experience from last December.


As always,  we all want the best for the community.  We hope we make a difference in however little way, even if it’s as little as putting a smile in the faces of our friends.


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HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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