MY Globe Experience



My Globe Experience

Globe is a local mobile provider in the Philippines.  I have been with Globe since 1996.

I may have had 2 or 3 Smart & Sun prepaid lines from time to time over the past 18 years, and one company issued Smart line from 2010-2012.   Other than the company issued line, I never stayed with these other providers for more than a couple of months.

My first unforgettable Globe experience was when I was told “Message not sent is actually message sent”.  I remember sending a complaint letter to the Globe office then, I think that was in 1999.  Then were the days when the comm lines weren’t really that stable, there were a lot of SMS and Call related network issues.  As a result of the persistent network issues, I diverted to a prepaid service in 2002, still with Globe.

In 2011, I was convinced by my best friend to go back to line subscription, and in December of 2011, I subscribed to a 1799 plan.  The plan included an unlimited mobile data subscription but then, I was mostly either home or in the office in 2011-2012 that I was in constant wi-fi connection.

2013 was my year of limbo with Globe.

  • The billings never arrived.
  • Inconsistent 3G connections in Ortigas, Makati and The Fort — ALL BUSINESS DISTRICTS.
  • Customer service was so poor I would rather not talk to anyone.



In January 2013, there were 5 of us on a project in Cebu and I wanted to complain about the persistent edge status of our Globe mobile phones.  I couldn’t get through the customer service hotline when we were in Cebu, we were travelling from one place to another but the signal just kept fluctuating.  There was I point that I was able to tweet, so I sent @talk2globe a quick tweet and a Direct Message that my mobile number 0917-***3374  was having a data issue. 

Over the next hour or so, I would get alerts of a tweet from @talk@globe (different senders) asking for details when I already sent them my number.  My thoughts:

Why don’t you call me? Tweeting me when my issue was data related would not solve the issue.

The day ended and the issue was never resolved.

The event came and Globe was one of the sponsors. I said to myself that 3G will have be a lot better tonight.  I was wrong, 3G was worse than night

 The 9 day trip ended the issue was never resolved.


So one day, I thought I would like to recontract (what?!!!) and see what’s in store for me.  I called the hotline and I got to talk to someone who told me I can get this specific unit for a specific.  And so we put the phone down.  I went into the internet and checked the Globe website, apparently that specific offer was an offer for new subscribers.

I made the blooper of tweeting @talk2globe and I was told in a Direct Message (Roland, @talk2globe) that I actually have a cash rebate to go with the recontracting.  The next hour or two saw 2 other agents sending me messages which ended with an offer to arrange for a call back.

More than 24 hours passed and no call back occurred. I again made the blooper of tweeting the same handle and I must have been messaged back by at least 3 agents, one after the other and each one asking what the issue was. And I had to let some steam off:

  • Isn’t there a concept of one call resolution for @talk2globe?
  • Don’t you people know the thing called “endorsement of issues”?
  • Don’t you have records specific to an account complaining about anything?


Someone told me they are not able to arrange a call back unless I DM them my personal information, then why did the other rep from the previous night said a call back will be arranged? I gave in and sent them all the information they needed BUT not until after a new agent stepped in AGAIN!


Weeks passed and no call from anyone.


I called Globe yesterday to disconnect my line, the rep said he had to transfer me over to the retention line.  I said I didn’t want to talk to the retention people.  He paraphrased what I said.  I confirmed.  Suddenly, he gave me his closing spiels and transferred me to the retention group.  Great.

Retention came on the line and verified  some security information, asked me the reason for the disconnection and whether there was someone in the family I can just passed the line on to.  After something like 5 minutes, the line got disconnected (I was at the mall).  I made the wrong assumption that since I was talking to the retention people, they would call me back.  NO CALL.


Rachel answered my call around midnight last night.  She said retention is already closed and explained that retention is the only group authorized to close accounts.  I asked if anyone can help me close my account “now” and told her what had happened early that day.  She graciously offered to call me at my preferred time today and she will transfer me over to the retentions people.

Rachel was the ONLY pleasant experience I had with Globe customer service. Unfortunately at a point where I was more than ready to let go of Globe.


And so my account was closed.   Right after we put the phone down, the line went “NO SERVICE”.  I had that feeling of having lost someone I have been with for so long.  I also knew that the relationship was hopeless and I had to let it go.


I know I lost my temper in quite a number of instances, and the frontliners were there to receive the blow.  My apologies to all of you.


I subscribed to a Smart line a few days back and I do not know if it will be any different, at least I know it’s a new provider and any issues will be handled by a new group of people managed by a different provider.  

I’m back at one. And I don’t mind.



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