ARV UPDATES 02.20.2014



As a follow up to my ARV SHORTAGE blog yesterday, I was able to gather some updates for the PLHIV Community:

Lami-Teno-Efav stocks came in as a 3in1 tablet (1200mgs)

Lamivudine & Tenofovir as individual tablets are said to still be on critical level.  A 15 day limited issuance cycle is still being implemented in some of the clinics/hub.

No known stocks issue on Lami-Zido+Nevirapine combo

Makati Medical Center (Center for Tropical and Travel Medicine):  <02.19.2014> I called their hotline earlier (63-9178014313) and I was able to talk to Miss Kate.   I inquired about the ARV status and she called the Pharmacy to check. She later verified that the ARVs are available already in Makati Medical Center and the patients should be able to refill as normal.

The Medical City (i-REACT):  @incognitoplus was at the clinic earlier (02.19.2014) and he informed me that there was never an ARV shortage issue in their clinic.  Contact number is 02-6356789 (local 6765), one can talk to Ms. Lucie or Ms. Chona about their clinic related inquiries.

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (AIDS Research Group): (02.19.2014)  this is where my records are and I got confirmation that the ARVs arrived already.  However, one bottle issuance is enforced at the moment (REASON: Unknown) for those on Lami-Teno-Efav.  Contact number is 63-9173029661.

Philippine General Hospital (Sagip): (02.19.2014)  the patients received an SMS saying that the ARVs are available already however, they are being asked to surrender all remaining Lami and Teno tablets.

Corazon Locsin Regional Hospital (Bacolod-HACT):  @anakinpstv is based in Bacolod and he reported that there is a shortage of Lami and Teno in their province.  As of today, they haven’t yet verified arrival date of ARVs from Manila. I advised Mr. Ozzy (contact person) to try to coordinate with Manila on the arrival date to alleviate the anxiety of the community in Bacolod.

Northern Mindanao Medical Center (Cagayan De Oro City): (02.19.2014)  @greyhumin who is based in Cagayan De Oro reported that they did not experience any form of ARV shortage in their hub/province/city.

The Ship Foundation (Mandaluyong City):  This clinic was the first to obtain refills yesterday (02-18-2014).   As of today (02.19.2014) , they are able to release 3 bottle-cycles of the 3in1 lami-teno-efav tabs.  Dra Kate Leyritna (@kateleyritana) has been in full communication with her patients ever since the issue came out.  Kudos to Dr. Leyritana. @r13cga & I visited her clinic yesterday and we were obviously impressed by their systematic and organized manner of handling the patients.



I shall update this file as I get more information from the other treatment hubs/clinics. I am unable to get updates from our Cebu friends as of this time.

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