September 7, 2009 at 10:15am

growing up, we were taught to study hard…. and then, work hard… and harder- Life? Nobody said it’s easy. It gets harder with each passing day. but it all pays. love? it’s the hardest. But it’s worth the tears and all the pain. It’s all worth every moment.

Sometimes, we miss out on the best things because we’d rather go for what’s convenient. Because we’re not brave enough. But in the process, we miss the sweetest… The real.

We miss out on love.

…when life sucks, it doesn’t mean it’ll suck all the way… hold your head up high, something good will come along. Breathe…… Don’t hold back. It’s harder.

Allow air through…. it feels a lot better. It will, I promise.


About +daddy+drEw+

HIV awareness and treatment Advocate & Activist. Living with HIV since 2007. A friend. A partner. A dad to the HIV Community.
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